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Box turtle & eggs


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Feb 12, 2020
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Arcadia, Missouri
Hi everyone newbie here! I got the surprise of a lifetime the other day! My daughters box turtle “Jack” laid eggs! (I completely forgot turtles laid eggs and was trying hard to convince my 3rd old her boy turtle was a girl and laid eggs like her chickens 🤣)
Well now “jack “ 1st laid 2 eggs 1 was opened and the other was slightly dented. I marked said dented egg an placed in a contain pitting soil and watered it to moist. At 82 degrees. Two days go by jack gives me 2 more eggs both pretty dented again marked an placed with other egg.

Do they normally lay more eggs in one sitting or do they spread them out?

Are the fertile ? She’s by herself ? We’ve had her for about 7 months.

Are dented eggs ok?

How do I tail if she will have more ??

**i have no clue what I’m doing, lol I have a farm and turtle hatching wasnt on my plan. But it’s so exciting ***

Yvonne G

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Jan 23, 2008
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Clovis, CA
They can hold sperm for a while, so if she was with a male in her previous life, the eggs might be viable. However, it has been my experience that eggs deposited on top of the ground, and not in a nest, aren't fertile.

Keep the medium moist and in three months you may (or may not) have some new babies! Good luck.