1. Cyprus Lady

    My Greek Spur thighed doesn’t bury her eggs

    I live in Cyprus where I have a female Greek spur thighed tortoise which was found as a stray, wandering down the road. she lives in an outside run, all year round. I have 2 males who are very attentive and very active courting and mating with her! I’ve had her since 2013 but I have no idea how...
  2. K

    Help my Box turtle

    Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. My box turtle is not active and has not been eating much. Once in a while, he will eat a worm, but that's it. His setup is a large square "pool" with dirt logs some leaves a fern and a water bowl. I've tried berries, but he just does not eat. Any...
  3. R

    Horsefield Tortoise Eggs

    Hi! My horsefield tortoise laid 2 eggs 76 days ago. These are her first fertilised eggs. We have definitely seen veins previously in the eggs. However, for the past 4 weeks, the veins have disappeared and the eggs appear to look discoloured. There is no sign of collapsing on either eggs but...
  4. Richard Harrison-Cripps

    Hermanni with major carapace trauma / egg retention problems

    Hi. I'd be very grateful for some advice from folks here with veterinary knowledge. I'm a ecologist, working on Testudo hermanni populations in Montenegro for around 14 years, and have more and more found myself getting involved in rehabilitations. Our latest case is a mature female brought to...
  5. Lucyemma23

    Hermann tortoise still trying to dig after laying eggs two days ago

    Hi! So I’m new to this page but have been reading a lot of other queries/advice etc on here whilst having my two Herman’s since August 2019. They are both 4 years old (roughly), one male (called Blitz) and one female (called Daisy) 2 weeks ago Daisy laid 5 eggs for the first time ever. It was...
  6. theo_piron

    My female redfoot laid eggs on the ground but did not buried them

    Hello friends, my female redfoot laid eggs on the ground without burying them, and was doing some "automatic" digging movements near them but not really digging, then she left to take a bath at the "pool", she lives with a male redfoot and they are not fighting. She never did this before...
  7. A

    Russian Tortoise Laid Eggs, but no incubator

    Hello! I am new here but my Russian tortoise laid 3 eggs in her outdoor enclosure today! This is not her first clutch, the first one was either infertile (most likely) or we incubated them wrong. This is her second clutch so I am more hopeful that they are fertile but with that being said I do...
  8. M

    How do I know if a three toed is about to lay eggs

    I've got a female three toed last November, about 4-5 inches. I'm wondering if it's possible that she will lay down eggs this year and how can I tell? Thanks.
  9. S

    Box turtle & eggs

    Hi everyone newbie here! I got the surprise of a lifetime the other day! My daughters box turtle “Jack” laid eggs! (I completely forgot turtles laid eggs and was trying hard to convince my 3rd old her boy turtle was a girl and laid eggs like her chickens 🤣) Well now “jack “ 1st laid 2 eggs 1...
  10. gregcalverley0327

    Russian tortoise weight

    I’m just curious if anyone knows about how much weight a tortoise looses during egg laying? I’ve noticed a lot of breeding with my tortoises and was hoping to be able to weigh the female once or twice a week or so and be able to tell when she laid her eggs instead of digging each day to look, or...
  11. Shadowbunnys

    sulcata housing ideas/ worried about eggs

    so i have an about 6-7 year old sulcata. Im pretty sure she is female and im super worried about her producing eggs and them getting stuck or something. shes curently in a nice pen in my basement with plenty of heat and uvb and this is just for the winter as i live in ohio (she gets a really big...
  12. Russian Rehab

    Female Musk Digging Tunnels to lay eggs.

    Hello all., bellow i describe the nesting behavior i have seen from my female common musk this breeding season. I want to know if anyone else has noted similar behavior in their nesting turtles? I am particularly interested in why you think she might be doing this also. she is doing it...
  13. SheldonsKeeper

    ***Incubation Help***

    Hello All, Hoping I can get some advise for my Easter Eggs (Laid on Easter Monday!) So just to fill you in... I got Tatty back in August 2018 and she was kept with another two tortoises, who were all unconfirmed gender - I took mine to the vets and had it confirmed I had a girl. The previous...
  14. Usamah

    Advice on incubating leopard tortoise eggs

    I am looking for advice regarding incubating leopard tortoise eggs. What incubator should I get? What temperature is optimal to produce more females? How should I go about incubating the eggs?
  15. Trish33

    How much time between hatchlings?

    Hello all! Newbie to the forum and I hope someone can give me some advice. I've had painted turtles for over 10 years, never any eggs or babies...which I am completely fine with. And then Chewetta came into my boyfriend was on a job site and rescued an Eastern Box Turtle that was...
  16. Littlelady56

    3-toed box turtle and eggs

    My two 20-yr-old box turtles are still quite amorous with each other. Is it too late in the season to get viable eggs? How long after mating does it take for the female to lay eggs - one way or the other? Probably silly questions but a friend gave me her turtles just this past March; so I...
  17. Brimstonefox

    Issues with incubating eggs

    Hi, I have a clutch of six Hermanns eggs, three of which have just hatched successfully. Whilst incubating, the eggs were in two, seperate trays of vermiculite in the same incubator. The hatched eggs are all from one tray, the remaining three are in the other tray. It looks as though one egg...
  18. K

    Should I artificially incubate eggs of my star turtle

    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for help I think I over panicked my darling finally laid eggs two days back! And that was the best sight. But now I want to know if I should take them out from soil and incubate artificially or not because the soil of my garden have became very hard! Need help
  19. K

    Please help my star tortoise is not able to lay eggs!

    I have a star tortoise named darling. She dug holes two times in last month. First time was around 25 days ago and second time was day before yesterday. She dug hole at the same spot. But she didn't lay any eggs. I also tried to provide her artificial environment but she didn't liked the...
  20. T

    EGG MADNESS? Red Eared Slider eggs for free? No way? Way:)

    LOCAL PICK UP ONLY IN VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA yes, you read this right, i have i think at least three eggs of red eared sliders, laid i think sometimes in June? blah, memory:) anyway, i peeked on them, the top one was crazy heavy, so they are fertile, at least some, anyhow, I will not ship because...