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First time tortoise owner LOVING IT. One question StarLord has had one day of mental activity now very sleepy is that normal, i am as streesed as when i had my first child is he eating enough ,warm enough,only had him for 1 week Heeelp is this normal
Hey, I would recommend creating a thread about your tortoise including pictures of the enclosure, tortoise, diet description, enclosure lights and temperatures. That way people can have a baseline. Also review the care sheet for your tortoise that can be found on this forum.
Welcome to the forum
I'm referred to you by Turtulas-Len for Aldabra hatchling availability. I'm sure they're probably sold out for the season. I'm interested in the pricing for the next batch. Also, do you have a website or place you normally post your classified?

Ps. I've been looking for you in Youtube channel but haven't been able to find any. Those torts you got look amazing and would love to see in a video.
Had to take Remy to a vet today because his joints are so swollen. After looking back the pics from the first day he seemed to already suffer from some swollen knees. The vet did x-ray, blood work and soft tissue fluid sample and suspected kidney disease or an infection. Tomorrow I will know more, but I'm very heartbroken.
Central American wood turtle with respiratory infection, antibiotics for a week and two days still not eating what to do?