box turle

  1. kr1ssy47

    Weird poop

    Hello all, This is what my box turtle's poop has looked like for the last week. (The water was fresh before he got in it tonight, he just got it dirty). But very weird, unusual poop. Almost seems undigested. Any idea what's causing this? No exotic vets in my area, but I'll drive 2 hours to one...
  2. D

    Only wants Meal worms

    I have a box turtle who I’m trying to ensure has a varied diet. Mama (his name) used to eat earth worms and sometimes meal worms. I’ve since expanded his diet to tobacco hornworms (only occasionally) and crickets. But now Mama only wants meal worms and sometimes crickets. He’s about 2 years old...
  3. RachelT

    Help me ID this Box turtle

    Help me ID this box turtle... thanks!
  4. S

    Box turtle & eggs

    Hi everyone newbie here! I got the surprise of a lifetime the other day! My daughters box turtle “Jack” laid eggs! (I completely forgot turtles laid eggs and was trying hard to convince my 3rd old her boy turtle was a girl and laid eggs like her chickens 🤣) Well now “jack “ 1st laid 2 eggs 1...
  5. h28putte

    What species is my tortoise/turtle? How do I care for her??

    Hello. I'm new here, and was hoping I could get some help with identifying the species of my turtle/tortoise! Sorry for the long post ahead, however, I really need help!! My tortoise/turtle is about 10 years old. The pet store was unsure of her species, however, I am guessing she's either a...
  6. M

    Box Turtles Wanted

    I have owned, bred, rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed North American Box Turtles for over 9 years. I am currently looking for any adoptions, surrenders, or rescues available. Please contact me with any questions or leads at my email: [email protected]
  7. BentoNeko

    Best cheap substrate?

    What do you guys think is the best & cheapest substrate for Eastern box turtles? Mines a year old by the way! :D
  8. BentoNeko

    Distilled Water? Year old Eastern Boxie Not very Active

    I have a year old female Eastern Box turtle! Here lately she seems to be very lethargic. I went away for about a month and left her in the care of my relatives who started giving her distilled water. I've heard distilled water is very, very bad for them! Could that be why shes been so immobile...