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    Summary: Lighting for Russian Tortoises (and most others)

    Thank you! So helpful. I am getting a Russian hopefully soon and I had NO idea what the lighting situation should be like. Thanks again!!
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    sleeping tortoise

    So cute :)
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    My first baby

    Aww, what a gorgeous tortie ;)
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    Finding Food Options for Picky Eater (TX)

    Yay!!! That's great!
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    Helpp Russain tortoise Shell rot?

    Sebastian is adorable :P
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    What is he/she???

    Aww, I really hope you get him! He needs a good beak trim and some good ol' TLC :)
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    A 5 Year Celebration!

    What a cute little tortie!!! :<3::<3::<3:
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    Pretty tort you've got there ;)
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    To Soak or not to Soak...?

    Thanks Tom!!!
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    Cough my Russian Tort talking today

    Sounds hilarious:p
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    Today is a good day!

    So glad he's home, safe and sound ;)
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    To Soak or not to Soak...?

    I know there are varied opinions on soaking tortoises, but I had a different kind of question. If you soaked your tort for a while every other day, could you not put a water bowl in the enclosure?
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    Pet Stores= Bad?

    I'll be on a Naval base right outside Tokyo, which is about as close to the U.S. as you can get in Japan.
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    Excuse me Mr. Jeff, do you ship to Japan??? :D

    Excuse me Mr. Jeff, do you ship to Japan??? :D