1. J

    Tortoises for sale on Craigslist. Should I purchase?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to purchase a Herman’s on Craigslist. This is the ad: The owner said that he’s two years old and around 6 inches. Sounds like he’s almost at adult size but he’s still a yearling. Is there...
  2. daddy_frankenstein

    Grow tent Enclosure for Greek Yearling - Feedback wanted! [With Photos]

    Hello all! My Greek yearling is moving to a new home and I’ve built her an indoor enclosure that I hope will last her I until she is 3. Dimensions are 180cm by 90cm (roughly 6ft by 3ft). The substrate is a mixture of coco coir and orchid bark (Roughly a 70:30 mix). She’s got a heat lamp, UVB...
  3. Scollins17

    Tortoise Enclosure Cleaning

    Hi I'm buying a used vivarium for my yearling tortoise. Should I just wash it out with hot water and scrub it or is there any other disinfecting procedures I should do?
  4. Scollins17

    Torotoise Shell Health

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to the forum and have a yearling marginated tortoise that I got as a hatchling last August. He seems very active and healthy, but I'm curious what you all think about how his shell is coming along and if you guys see any signs of pyramidding? I would like to hear...
  5. Scollins17

    Tortoise Yearling Outdoor

    Hi everyone. I have a yearling Marginated tortoise that I got August 2020 when it was a hatchling. I did a lot of research before acquiring him and believe I've built a very good temporary indoor encloser for him(until it's big enough to live outside). Seems very healthy and active. For the...
  6. Lady Ashthorn

    A myriad of questions.

    Ok, I have several related questions. I currently have a baby redfoot who is going to be 3 months tomorrow. I have seen that this is a debatable topic, but would I be able to house multiple (specifically 2) baby to yearling tortoises together. Are pairs ok? Can a yearling and a hatchling be in...
  7. emylimarie

    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I've tried to go through the forums to find an updated thread with breeders but no luck. I'm looking to buy a Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise, male preferred. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? I've emailed some of these companies like TortoiseSupply...
  8. J

    Yearling suddenly died.

    We have had our Sulcata just over a year. It initially had RI shortly after we acquired him. We treated him with antibiotics and I believe they gave him a shot...calcium? I'm not sure. Well, he stayed sick on and off for months. His skin peeled it was scary. I syringe fed him for a while...
  9. L

    Enclosure advice

    Hello everyone! Thanks for all the feed back from my last post. After finding out I was doing a lot of things wrong I spent all day yesterday researching, watching YouTube videos, and reading threads on this forum. I now know I definitely need to upgrade Edison’s enclosure and soon. My dad...
  10. L

    New sulcata owner. How to decrease humidity? HELP!

    Hi everybody! My names Lauren and I recently rescued a Sulcata Tortoise from being abandoned by a lake (his names Edison, eddy for short) The previous owner had him for a little over a year but didn’t want to take care of it anymore. I’ve never owned any kind of reptile before so this is a whole...
  11. AllieKat1997

    Help Sexing Musk Turtle

    I was curious of my yearling stinkpot musk turtle gender. I tried to find forums and figure it out but I’m totally stumped on how to sex them. Any ideas on if mine is a male or female? Thanks!
  12. yay14

    Basking alot

    Hello everyone, i have realized that my yearling hermann has been basking alot recently like maybe 5-6 hours a day. I looked it up and was confused becuse everyone said that it could be becuse of low temps but his temps are good, ambinent 76-78 warm area 83-84, basking 90-95. But i now realized...
  13. yay14

    Good Calcium for diet?

    Hi i have a 1 year old hermann tortoise and now during the cold months i can't feed an all weed and flowers diet so i have to buy some grocery store stuff. So right now he gets, Arugula, Radiccio, Endive, Frisee, Kale and some pak choy every now and then. I also give him some weeds that i have...
  14. 4E62C431-B8FA-4CA4-895C-AFE263111505.jpeg


    A nonchalant Joni pretending she wasn’t trying to buy tat off eBay again.
  15. ToryTort

    Help - Scab/lump/crater in a crease on my Sulcatas neck

    Hello I noticed a scab on my Sulcatas neck, I don’t know if he is cut his self on his shell. I am worried it might be internal because there a sought of crater under the scab. Could it be a possible infection. He’s in the vet tomorrow was the earliest I could get.