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I was curious of my yearling stinkpot musk turtle gender. I tried to find forums and figure it out but I’m totally stumped on how to sex them. Any ideas on if mine is a male or female? Thanks!


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I'm right poo with online photos.

But. Males have a kind of barb on the end of a long tail (pretty much as long as a leg). They may also have a bit more skin showing between the plastral scutes. Their heads are heafty.

A good photo here:

And a comparison set of photos here - note the male's longer tail that is quite thick against the body (where the penis will be folded up):

The inside surface of female hind legs tend to be smoother.


Based on the wide cranial (toward-the-head) end of the tail, the barbed tail tip, and the spiny leg scales, I'm saying: Male.


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Your turtle look too small/young to sex. With Sternotherus odoratus, secondary sexual characteristics normally start to develop about 3.25" - 3.5" If a male, the tail will begin to lengthen very noticeably. The vent will extend past the rear edge of the carapace.

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