1. T

    Russian Tortoise--pooping in small "nuggets"?

    Hello! Below I've attached some pictures--my Russian tort Ivan, who I've had for around 4 or 5 years, and what his poops have been looking like recently. For the past couple of weeks, his poops have been coming out in these small "nuggets" rather than continuous, larger pieces. At first I...
  2. yay14

    Strained to poop

    Hello everyone, today when I soaked my tortoise it seemed like he was struggling a bit with pooping he got it out but it took like 10 minutes. Also he was pulling his head in when pushing. So since he had some trubles going to the batroom i have heard cucumber could help loosen things up, is...
  3. kr1ssy47

    Weird poop

    Hello all, This is what my box turtle's poop has looked like for the last week. (The water was fresh before he got in it tonight, he just got it dirty). But very weird, unusual poop. Almost seems undigested. Any idea what's causing this? No exotic vets in my area, but I'll drive 2 hours to one...
  4. AmRoKo

    Ot new, but have been off for awhile, so re-intro 😁

    Hihihi! Been a member for a long time, was more active, have a bunch of tortoises, busy college student in dual major of mechanical engineering and a mathematics degree. Most of my time is spent on school, building crap, and with my wonderful boyfriend. Had some very stressful/awful events...
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    Living the good life ...
  6. AgataP

    Good Morning

    Please tell me I am not the only one who is excited to wake up “late” on Saturday and see that her tortoise gave himself a soak and pooped. It’s the best morning ever !! 🤣😂
  7. R

    Help! My Russian Hatchling Hasn’t Pooped In 2 Weeks

    Hello everyone! I got my new Russian hatchling Peetrie in August. He was hatched in June so he is about 3 months old. He was pooping about every other day for the last month; but the last two weeks he hasn’t pooped at all. He also used to eat a lot b it he only eats a couple of leaves before he...
  8. L

    Possible infection?

    Hi! So I found my desert tortoise upside down in her enclosure 2 days ago over her poop, her shell and head were completely covered in it, I turned her and put her in water and cleaned her with a napkin, still, two days later I am STILL seeing poop all over her, I just put her in water and...
  9. Cicitina

    New Tortoise Owner Worries!

    Hi everyone! I am a new owner to a baby Hermanns, it has been 4 days since bringing baby home and I was given very little information when adopting him. I have done as much research as possible since bringing my new little family member home but I have so many questions and concerns. POOP...
  10. lionheartHC

    Metallic flakes in Sulcata hatchling poop?

    Hey everyone, I’m on day three of my Sulcata hatchling. I’ve been soaking him for at least an hour a day and keeping a keen eye on the temps and humidity of his enclosure. He pooped for the first time yesterday and it was just a speck. Today, it seems like I finally got everything flushed out of...
  11. S

    Russian Not Pooping

    Hello! I have a 1-2 year old Russian Tortoise. I haven’t noticed him poop (dark or white poop) for about 5 days. He typically poops once a day almost. He is also not eating as much as he used to. I feed him a varied diet of spring mix (minus the spinach), kale, mustard greens, etc. his basking...
  12. S

    Is this poo healthy?

    I'm a bit concerned that my tort has unhealthy poo. I feed it fresh greens everyday, dandelions, lemon balm, red sorrel and green sorrel, and callisia repens. I also have some ZooMed grassland tortoise food, and komodo tortoise diet, but I try to only feed dried food about once a week. I'm...
  13. J

    Hermann’s Tortoise Poop

    I am planning on getting a Hermann’s Tortoise. I was just wondering if the poop tends to smell bad, and does it dry up quickly. I really don’t want to have a smelly animal in the house so I wanna wondering if they smelled a lot.
  14. Yoyotort

    Constipation help

    Hello I have had my Russian tortoise koopa for over a year now the past week or so he has been eating less and being very inactive. He has also not been pooping for a few days I’m starting to worry and have soaked him (he always poops plenty in the bath) but this time he isn’t at all. I’m not...
  15. A

    Poor Tort is Swollen (Advice?)

    good morning all. I’ve had my little Russian box tortoise Torti for 17 years. She’s never had any health problems, and under my care has access to UVB light, a Spring mix diet, regular soaking, supplements, and access to roaming a desert backyard. Yesterday morning, she was in good health but in...
  16. E

    Concerning poop

    I am a new ish tortoise mom. I was given a 5 year old male sulcata from a previous owner. He is healthy now but was dehydrated and skinny when he came to me. He has been with me since june, so 8-9 months. He pooped this eveing and it has me worried. Normally he has firm poop. This seems to be...
  17. SucellusTheRescue

    Herman's Hibernation poop HELP!!!!

    Hello everyone, I have a rescue tortoise that came to me in pretty bad shape last year. To get his health and weight up he didn't hibernate last winter and presumably never has. Sucellus has been hibernating for three weeks now and in his last two weigh ins he had poop in with him. The first...
  18. No1much

    Horsfield tortoise pooping problems

    Hi guys. I'm new to posting to this site but I read it daily it's an amazing resource. I have 2 horsfields that I've had about a month. Both about a year old. One of them is really straining to poop this week. She is going multiple times per day but really struggling and when she does go it's...
  19. Sheldonsspot

    What is wrong with my Russian tortoise?

    I got a Russian tortoise online almost 3 months ago. The breeder obviously neglected him because when he arrived, his shell is covered in different dents and scratches from what I can only assume was a bad environment. Anyways, everything was going smoothly until about a week after I got him he...
  20. margosha

    Mushy Poos? (pic for reference...yay...haha)

    So I've had my RT for 3 weeks now, and his poos are still a bit runny and mushy. Before I got him, it looked like he was being fed just hay and pellets ugh. Well, I'm not sure if he's still adjusting to the new diet, or if I should be concerned? He's had a fecal run and it was negative. As far...