food and diet

  1. KatJ

    Garden for a tort?

    Hello! I’d like to grow a garden for my sulcata who lives outdoors year round. Was thinking of hardy hibiscus, mulberry, a few greens, prickly pears, hays and grasses, nettles, okay wildflowers, sedum, etc. Has anyone tried this and is there any way to make it more or less self-sustaining while...
  2. Paulastortoisejourney

    Tortoise food and seed mix

    Hi guys! I am from The Netherlands and I’m new to this community. Already read a lot of articles. I love it so far! Super helpful. In a few weeks/months I’ll be getting myself my first Greek Hermann’s tortoise when everything is set up and ready. I have some questions about the food I should...
  3. yongsaurus

    Eating Habits

    Hello, what can I do if my tortoise refuse to eat anything unless its cooked ? i give her as many different vegetables as i can. but she refuses to eat them unless i boil them to soften them up. for example she loves carrots, when i just give it to her raw she just spits them back out. but if...
  4. J

    good food ideas for Russian torts?

    any ideas for a good diet
  5. C

    Hermann's Tortoise Diet

    Hello, I have a 3 years old Hermann's tortoise, I have done much research into appropriate diet and reference the tortoise table app often. I feel like my tortoise may be getting bored with being fed the same variation of food. Please read below what his diet consists of on a daily basis and...
  6. N

    Help growing tortoise supply mix

    I finally received my testudo seed mix from tortoise supply, but need some advice on how to grow it. I was going to buy a planter to grow the seeds in since my neighbor up the hill treats her lawn with chemicals and I can't plant in my yard for that reason. From videos I've watched, it looks...
  7. PhilandShelly

    Our Torts eat Mazuri Pellets if Prepared "right"

    Hello! I've seen a lot of threads regarding Mazuri pellets and decided to give it a try. Phil and Shelly are CDTs around 1.5 years old and mostly feed on dandelion, clover, spring mix, and the occasional rose petals. I wanted to make sure they had a diverse diet and wanted to see if they would...
  8. yusufning


    Hi everyone, This post will be a tad long but please bear with me. So I've had 2 leopards (approximately 8cm) for almost three months. I think their eating habit is a bit weird, namely with the following conditions: 1. They eat roughly the same amount compared to my 6cm sulcata, I assume they...
  9. Shaztorts

    Hello! First time owner with Hermann's Hatchlings :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Sharon and I have become the owner of 2 Hermann's tortoises for a month now. Lucky and Mbappe are 6 months old captive born-and-bred tortoises from Hungry but now live with us in England. This is the first time I own tortoises and I just want to do my very best at...
  10. Urbanmonkey

    To help you ID food Incase people didnt know about this. I found it very useful.
  11. lazyboneskuehn

    New yard new plants

    Hey there! First post after joining over a year ago. I recently moved into a new house in NC and was wondering if whatever this is would be safe for my 3 year old sulcata to eat? It’s super small and all over the ground. Thank you!
  12. Scottfoo

    Big Thank you to Our friends at TetraFauna !

    We wanted to give a big thank you to the folks at Tetra for donating all these great items and 20 Cases of food. We are so appreciative and thank you so much! We will def be passing on some of the food to other turtle rescues and turtle lovers!
  13. George the Turtle

    New Tortoise Owner Help!

    I just became a tortoise Mom a week ago, after rescuing a "3 toe box tortoise" from being run over in the middle of a busy street! (please excuse me if I am wrong, very new to pet tortoises) I did some research on him, and do know that it is male because of his yellow spots on neck and arms, as...
  14. SheldonsKeeper

    Trip To The Vets - Need Advise!

    Hello All, So last night took my new lil rock to the vets and have to say, very very well behaved!!! Not in the slightest scared or trying to hide out in the shell, instead was being very inquisitive and wanted to explore :) The vet has mentioned a few things that I am hoping I could get some...
  15. H


    Decided to make a new list of edible plants for anyone interested. I edited a previous list I posted and down to EDIBLE plants only from these 4 sources. Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital Russian Tortoise.Org Susan M. Barnard. Reptile Keeper's Handbook. pp. 167-184. 1996. Tortoise Table - The...
  16. Neris

    Advise on RF enclosure

    Hello! We got a RF last year on November, and I have a few questions about our current enclosure and the tortoise itself. First, we have a mix of repti-bark (I believe this is the name) and peat moss. I would like to know how often should I replace the whole thing for new one and if the mix...
  17. Pattech

    Where to buy Food?

    Hello, I would like to know where I can buy food for my 2 Russian tortoises. I am kinda new with turtles but I have had them for about a year :eek: So if anyone could link some Web sites that are from Europe cause if I buy outside Europe I have to pay more where I live. Thanks. with best...
  18. Kale

    Wardley's good for a Russian tort

    I got these Wardley's Reptile Sticks but the picture would imply they are for an aquatic turtle (they were a gift). I have a Russian. Could he still eat them? The ingredients are Fish Meal, ground corn, poultry by-product meal, dehulled soybean meal. Not sure what most of those mean.
  19. H

    List of foods from 4 sources if anyone is interested

    After looking for foods that I can grow, harvest or pick up at the store I decided to make a list I could carry with me on my phone. This list consists of plants from 4 sources but I am constantly finding plants that are not listed. Here are the 4 sources I compiled from. Arizona Exotic Animal...
  20. Nadine360

    Sulcata refuses Zoo Med food

    My year and a half old sulcata refuses his new food I got Zoo med, even if I blend his old food and grass he still refuses it, he's gone on a hunger strike for the past couple days, he does love to graze in the yard on grass and clovers and hell eat grass and clovers that I've chopped up from...