food and diet

  1. Shemdatrini

    My Weeds Garden I. D. (Pic Heavy)

    So this has been done before and trust me I've scoured them looking for matching plants. I think I've gotten most of them right for my Dalmatian Hermanns but i still have a few questions. I've included pictures of the plant and the leafs. Top and bottom. For better identification. Plants 1 and...
  2. tcjones

    Question about Clover

    Hi everyone. I'm a new tort owner. This morning, I took my new tort, Darwin, to the vet for a checkup. The vet told me to not let him eat new spring clover. She said the first clover growth of spring is toxic to torts and went on a long rant about nitrogen. But clover grown later in the year is...
  3. AbramTankLover

    New tortoise won't eat

    Hello everyone! New member and new to tortoises, I received my first torty yesterday he's sleeping ALOT ((but I read here that's normal)) and he hasn't eaten yet. I'm slightly worried. He's got a heat lamp, as well as a UV. I keep his tank as humid as I can. Is he just not eating because he's...
  4. B

    Feeding 7 month old Horsfield

    Hi guys and gals. I've recently bought a 7 month old Horsfield tortoise. The care sheet on the website I ordered him from says that they should be fed 5 out of 7 days, but I've also read on a lot of other websites that at such a young age they should be fed every day. What are your...
  5. B

    Food and Diet

    so I was wondering if aloe vera and cactus are good for my Herrmanns.Do I need to slice it up or feed them the "leaves" on them own?