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  1. kirbytherussian

    How hot is too hot for a Russian?

    Hi all, I recently just moved from New Hampshire to sunny Florida. Leo, my 6 year old russian tortoise loved playing outside during the summer in NH. He would spend hours outside if I let him, and would even go on daily walks with me on the sidewalk. So naturally, I thought he would LOVE an...
  2. zimone94

    Looking for a juvi or adult tortoise that needs a home.

    Hi! I am looking for a tortoise that needs a home. As cute as I think hatchlings are I really want to give a home to a tort that needs it. I am in southern/central Florida on the Treasure Coast. I do have a nice sized back yard, and I have areas that can be blocked off for smaller torts.
  3. M

    Russian Tortoise to Rehome in FL

    I'm moving away for grad school soon and need to rehome my Russian tortoise from my parents' house in central Florida. He's an adult male, about 8-10 years old, really lovely and good-natured. If you're interested, you're also welcome to take the lights and wooden structure I currently have him...
  4. Aurum0

    How to keep an adult sulcata indoors?

    Hi there. I have an adult sulcata... 7 years old, and I want to keep him inside. I plan to let him roam the house, specifically the large kitchen or my room. I live in Florida, and what I do with my other turtles/tortoises is let them eat and bask in the sun for a couple hours, then bring them...
  5. K

    Found Sulcata - Gainesville FL

    My neighbor just found a female sulcata in the road in Gainesville, FL If anyone is looking for their missing lady, please give me a call at 907 347 7454 with a description
  6. Lucky The Tortoise

    Can Russian torts be kept outside in Florida?

    Lucky's fine in his current setup (it's a bit small and I plan on making it bigger now that I have room) but I was also considering moving him outside. I'd need to pull up the grass and weed frequently but other than that, I wouldn't have problems keeping him outside since I have a big yard with...
  7. D

    Good home for mature tortoise in FL

    I am looking for an adult that needs a new home, I can provide indoor or outdoor space. Prefer a smaller breed, not a Sulcata. Maybe a Russian, Hermann, Red-footed, Greek, etc. I don't want to start from scratch with a baby and my grown children are willing to inherit a tortoise. I have some...
  8. Hansi

    My old friend Stoltenberg the Desert Tortoise

    Hi. I'm new here. My about 60 year old Desert Tortoise is named after a german politician, named Stoltenberg. It's our oldest member of our happy zoo and a full-on family member that we love. He now lives with us for about 27 years in southern California and is a very happy and healthy fellow...
  9. ShaySRQ

    Common Weeds in FL

    Hey Everyone, I'm a New Tort-Mama. I have 2 Leopard Torts (4mos old). I have a 1/4 acre yard that I'm hoping to make safe for them to roam/graze in as they get older. The problem is that this yard has never been built on, etc so it's just filled with lots of different grasses/weeds. I've done...
  10. Shadowhunter

    Looking for Adult female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns tortoise

    I live in south Florida and have an adult male Sulcata and am looking to breed I also have a 20*10 foot enclosure that I want to breed smaller species in I am looking for a large female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns (I will settle for a pair of Redfoots) I am willing to pay
  11. shellandpenny

    Outdoor options

    hey guys.. I have two Russians and they’re both about 2 years old, housed together. I keep them inside now but am contemplating moving them to my screened in porch. Safe from elements, but still outside. I do live in Florida where it’s hot and humid. Has anyone in Florida ever kept their...
  12. Casey J Gilbert

    First Time Red-footing It In Florida

    HI All. We are so excited to introduce our new red-foot, Tuck! He was born in May, same month as our wedding day this year! We purchased him from a breeder at one of the Repticon Shows on 9/23. Temporarily, his enclosure is a 20L tank, screen top, cypress mulch substrate, ceramic infrared...