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    Mycoplasma Symptoms Help!

    If that is the case how long do you think it'll last?
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    Mycoplasma Symptoms Help!

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I'd like to get to it as quick as possible. So today I got a Sonoran Desert Tortoise from a friend, at my friends house he looked pretty healthy but on the car ride back to my house he started making clicking and croaking noises. I thought he was just...
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    Cruelty beyond words... please adopt him in California!

    He was rereleased and still went looking for the tort?! This dude is psychotic!
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    Koopa’s Size Reference Thread

    One of my tort's names is Koopa as well! :)
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    Tortoise woke from hibernation then died

    Sorry for your loss. :(
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    Why wont my tortoise eat?

    When I got my first tortoise, he did the same thing. He wouldn't eat the lettuce, strawberries, carrots, grapes, or apple slices I gave him, and then 2-4 days later he was eating. The trick is to just wait.
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    HELP!!!!! Redfoot whistling! Need some opinions!

    My Sonoran Desert Tortoise has always whistled through her nose, even while sleeping. So I don't know if it is stress or a respiratory infection cause I know they can get that, or maybe it's just her thing.
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    Wild box turtle missing half its shell / injury

    I personally think you should just bandage it and add calcium to its food until you notice a change. Otherwise, I'd take it to a vet.
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    Pine Bark sold as a good substrate🤬

    I'm not sure it was pine bark but my friends family bought some sort of substrate for their new baby Sulcata, and it got very sick.
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    Not sure of the species

    Yeah, I wasn't so sure if mine was a Sulcata or not because she's 8 and is still 7-inches in length. I compared her to a Sonoran Desert Tortoise and they look so similar. So I'm pretty positive that's what mine is. I do give her baths twice per month but she doesn't change.
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    My tortoise is not pooping

    My Sonoran Desert Tort, Roxie, isn't pooping either. She eats occasionally every other day in the morning but lets her other food dry out. She's also been really sleepy and isn't that active. Now I know that tortoises hibernate, but she's right by a window and gets sunlight about 7-hours out of...
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    6th largest tortoise species

    1. Galapagos Giant Tortoise 2. Aldabra Giant Tortoise 3. African Sulcata Tortoise 4. Leopard Tortoise 5. Yellow-Footed Tortoise 6. ???
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    Tortoise bit off the head of cage mate.

    Yeah, both torts have an indoor cage and an outdoor enclosure. But I always need to keep an eye on the temp sometimes they overheat when their pool is filled.
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    New tortoise parent need advice please

    When I first got my tort Koopa, he didn't eat or drink for about four days, I've had him for five years and now he's doing just fine. I think they just need to adjust. And some tortoise species including, Russian, Moroccan, and Hermann's are really territorial so I'd keep an eye on them.
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    I'll be praying for the little guy. Don't lose hope. :)