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    Full recovery

    Made my day... I'm very happy for you :)
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    Tortoise Behavior?

    I recommend changing the substrate. I've had by far the best luck with a 50/50 mix of organic topsoil and Eco Earth coco fiber. I cant imagine bark being all that comfy to walk around on.
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    Russian tortoise time lapse

    3/4" plywood mostly. The interior side walls are tiled w/ ceramic tile and grouted, and the bottom (interior) is vinyl tile and sealed with silicone. It's not waterproof, but its close.
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    Russian tortoise time lapse

    The small lamp at the back is a ceramic heat emmiter. It comes on at night.
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    Russian tortoise time lapse Sometimes I will go to work, then come home to find that Bo is within a couple inches of where I last saw her. I couldn't help but wonder what the heck she does all day. This timelapse takes place from 7am untill about 4:30pm. I was stunned to see...
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    cracking on bottom of shell, really worried

    You can buy a product called Hibiclense (chlorahexadine solution) at CVS or Walgreens.
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    What is your favorite thing about your russian tortoise?

    I absolutely love the way she RUNS over to either eat or investigate whenever I reach into her house. My tortoise is FAST!
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    Russian or Hermanns?!?!?

    I vote Russian :). If money isn't an issue please try to buy a captive bred tort. I personally think cb Russians can be exceptionally good looking, and the cb tort trade needs support. Good luck :)
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    my new russian enclosure :)

    I used to use a plastic liner, but I found miss fat fat would attempt to climb until her claws would eventually find purchase in the plastic. She would wear holes and subsequently climb higher until one day I turned around and saw her little head poking out over the wall. Very cute, but we...
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    Tortoise Forum Mobile Apps are here!

    Love the app. A little buggy, but it's great none the less. Thanks guys :)
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    It's Finally Done :) (Pic Heavy)

    50/50 mix of organic topsoil and coconut coir. :)
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    It's Finally Done :) (Pic Heavy)

    Little Bo Fat Fat has a new home :) I think she likes it
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    Hand feeding

    Sorry its been so long since I wrote, but I just wanted to let you all know LBFF is doing great and eating well, especially since she gets more outside time lately :) She also got a new house and I'll post some pics soon. Thanks for all your help.
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    It's Yvonne's birthday!!!! (emysemys)

    Very happy birthday Yvonne! We really do appreciate all of your work here :) So does Little Bo Fat Fat :tort:
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    Hand feeding

    We've had LBFF for about 6 months now, so I think its unlikely that she's pregnant. She does graze a little on grass and clover outside, and I use and always have used MVB's. I think I'll withhold all food for a couple days and see how she does after that. If two days doesn't make her hungry...