What species is my tortoise/turtle? How do I care for her??


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Nov 15, 2020
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Hello. I'm new here, and was hoping I could get some help with identifying the species of my turtle/tortoise!
Sorry for the long post ahead, however, I really need help!!

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My tortoise/turtle is about 10 years old. The pet store was unsure of her species, however, I am guessing she's either a box turtle or a Mediterranean tortoise?? I have taken her to the vet multiple times, however, they all claim she is perfectly healthy. I am very afraid that I am not caring properly for her, and therefore I would like some advice.

A little about her:
- She is approximately 12 cm (5 inches, and doesn't seem to be growing.) I live in Denmark (sorry if my English isn't sufficient, I'm still studying English, and learning more every week.) It is rather cold here, however she has a heating pad in her cage, as well as a blue UVB lamp. I am currently looking for a bigger cage, as I am aware this one is not big enough. What size should it be? Considering her size?

- Her current meal plan: She gets food twice a week: Once consisting of Tartar (as she will not eat mealworms). I mix the meat with a calcium+vitamin/minerals supplement, as well as a dried vitakraft plant mixture consisting of herbs, vegetables, fruits, honey and calcium. The second time she gets some form of vegetables/flower leaves (that I'm 100% sure aren't poisonous to her.) Occasionally soft fruits in the summertime.
What should I change???

- She also has a very dry shell, I've applied some vitakraft reptile lotion in the pics... how often should I bathe her? And is this a problem for her? Is her shell okay? She has had some mold issues previously, however she got antibiotics, and recovered very quickly.
She seems curious and overall pretty happy, however, I'm afraid I could be doing something wrong, since I'm unsure about her species!

Ps: she has gotten a tiny dent on top of her head in the last couple of days (see the last picture), I think she might've gotten hurt... I'm bringing her to the vet ASAP!
I would go onto google assistant and open google cam and take a pic of her :)

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