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  1. M

    Tortoise identification! Please Help!!

    Hi everyone. My auntie and uncle have had two tortoises since before I was born nearly! (I’m 25) they have lived in there garden for the whole time with a small house to go in when they want shelter and warmth as we live in the UK, Liverpool). They hibernate outside. They have now given these...
  2. C

    Identification help

    Can anybody kind enough please help identify my 5 tortoises. Last week one of the males went to the vets about a prolapse and had an operation and he thinks he could be Egyptian but I think they are too dark, they are all 5years old
  3. E

    New owner of a tortoise and asking for help IDing it.

    Hi I am a new owner of a little tortoise. I came by it accidentally as it was found in the garden next door. The house had been empty for 3 months. I took it in and put in a plastic box with water and lettuce (all I had). I gave it a tepid bath about 2 hours later and it was fine. I put in some...
  4. H

    Help! Had a tortiose break into our yard

    Hi there, So fair warning, I know nothing about tortoises. I live in Orange County California, in the middle of a huge suburban sprawl. Yet some how we have had 2 tortoises pop in our yard in the last 6 weeks. We have no clue why. So right now we are contacting local rescues in hopes of...
  5. M

    Identification please

    Hi All, As a child I had a mature Horsfield tortoise and always wanted a pet tortoise with my kids. I love them, but confess to being a novice. Completely out of the blue and with no prior warning my farther-in-law bought his grandchildren a tortoise for Christmas. He doesn’t know the...
  6. T

    HELP NEEDED identifying sex of Chaco Tortoise

    I'm having trouble figuring out the sex of my Chaco Tortoise. Any help would be appreciated. Here are a couple of pictures. If you need more pictures please tell! Thanks!
  7. M

    Tortoise Identification

    Hi! I saw this baby tortoise when I was hiking a year ago in Knoxville, TN and I never realized that there are tortoises in TN, would someone be able to tell me what species this is? Thanks!
  8. Jarvis

    Tortoise Identification Help

    Hello, This is Horace. He's about 45 years old and he's been in the family for all of this time, but, we've never known what type of tortoise he is. We've looked at lots of pictures but none have looked very similar to Horace. We were just wondering if anyone can help us identifying him? Thank...
  9. Y

    Tortoise Identification!

    Hello! A tortoise has been passed down from a few family and friends because no one wanted to take care of this tortoise. I have never had a tortoise before but I plan on staying committed in giving this little guy all it needs! I was wondering if anyone recognizes the breed and gender?
  10. MomoDontKnow

    Can anyone help identify this for me?

    So long story short, I'm being told this is a real Brazilian red foot (aka the Cherry head). However based on the coloring of the plastron it really makes me think that it's the Northern red foot, however I'm being assured that this is truly a Brazilian red foot. Are there any sure fire signs...
  11. new_owner_mack

    Help my ID my box turtle(?) please?

    Hello! One of my friends had to move fairly recently and I took over care of (what she presumed to be a tortoise) 4 months ago. She gave me everything she had to take care of him and I've been looking for awhile to find out what species my tortoise was (she told me that he was a male, and that...
  12. RachelT

    Help me ID this Box turtle

    Help me ID this box turtle... thanks!
  13. yongsaurus

    help identify

    hello can some one please help confirm my tortoise identity? like their age, species and sex ? i’ve never had tortoises so i really dont have any clue other than its a tortoise n not a turtle. a friend hand them to me after they found this little buddy in their garage :<
  14. h28putte

    What species is my tortoise/turtle? How do I care for her??

    Hello. I'm new here, and was hoping I could get some help with identifying the species of my turtle/tortoise! Sorry for the long post ahead, however, I really need help!! My tortoise/turtle is about 10 years old. The pet store was unsure of her species, however, I am guessing she's either a...
  15. H

    Sulcata or Gopher Tortoise? Help!!

    Hello, I’m new to the forum but read through a ton of threads before signing up. I’m in Florida and found a baby tortoise in my backyard a few weeks ago that my dog had pinned into a corner. He didn’t look very healthy so I brought him inside. When I did a quick search and, from pictures, I...
  16. fallingmiles

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    Hello, a tortoise was found in the parking lot of my wife work. Looks like she's had it a bit rough. She has damage to her shell, some missing toenails, but beyond that, she is very active and seems to be in good health. We believe she has been out in the wilds for a while now. Here are my...
  17. N

    Plant ID and replanting help

    Does anyone have tips for harvesting and replanting weeds for the purpose of growing more for your tortoise? I am not sure if there are any good ways to replant weeds so that they survive and continue to grow. I also need help identifying these weeds that I am hoping to replant (The second and...
  18. O

    are these plants safe for a Russian tortoise . URGENT

  19. A

    Found hatchling in my pool

    Hello all, I’m new here. I found a hatchling in my enclosed pool yesterday. I am completely stumped on how he got in and how long he’s been in there. The pool is saltwater so I quickly got him into some freshwater and made a little space for him to be safe and not drown with dry land (as per...
  20. Q

    Tortoise Identification

    Hi everyone! Friends and I have found a tortoise and we can't figure out its species. It was found in the Thousand Oaks area in California, which is just north of LA. We dont think it's a desert tortoise, but honestly can't be sure. Even if it is, it's quite out of range! Here are some photos: