1. abissnails

    My tortoises

    Okay, so I have 7 Tortoises. One is a Red-Footed tortoise and he/she lives by himself. He/she is 5 months old and it’s named Squirt. I also have 2 Russian Tortoises that live together. I have one female (Penelope) and one male (Max) that are both one year old. Then I have 4 Sulcata Tortoises...
  2. R

    Russian Tortoise shell

    Is his shell still ok? Should I take him to the vet? Please help
  3. W

    What is this?

    Hi! We are new to the forum, but I used this site to help me research and get ready for my tortoise. My mom got me a russian back in March. She has been healthy and perfect since I brought her home. We were told she was a female, however I am starting to wonder otherwise. For the past week, when...
  4. Geode890

    Cypress Mulch Alternatives

    Hey everyone. I asked a tangentially related question quite awhile ago, so sorry for the potential double-posting, but would anyone happen to know of any alternatives for cypress mulch in a tortoise enclosure? For the past handful of years, I've been using cypress mulch, but for some reason I've...
  5. A

    Russian Tort Not Sleeping/Eating in Middle of Summer

    Good afternoon all, Earlier this year (back in March), I noticed that my sweet 22-year-old male Russian tortoise had swelled up with edema and was taken to the vet the next day. After an X-ray and fecal float, it was determined that all was well although he had two strains of parasites. I can't...
  6. M

    General Advice

    Hi I'm brand new to owning tortoises and my first tortoise is a baby russian/horsefield tortoise named Albus. I bought him very recently I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about him and whether I'm doing the right thing. At the moment his enclosure is 90cm X 50cm which is a little small but...
  7. A

    Is This Normal Tortoise Behavior? Sleeping/Not Eating

    Good evening all, I would say a month or two ago, my 22-year-old Russian tort had swelled up with edema and was diagnosed with parasites. Her enclosure was disinfected, she was fed an oral medication (NOT Ivermectin), I made minor changes to her diet, and last week I am happy to report her...
  8. S

    Russian Not Pooping

    Hello! I have a 1-2 year old Russian Tortoise. I haven’t noticed him poop (dark or white poop) for about 5 days. He typically poops once a day almost. He is also not eating as much as he used to. I feed him a varied diet of spring mix (minus the spinach), kale, mustard greens, etc. his basking...
  9. olavee

    Is my tortoise going to be unwell if he doesn't get UVB for 1-3 days?

    I bought a new lamp for my tort and it's shipping right now, it should be in my home from 1 to 3 days, but today I went to my tortoise enclousure (little guy, around 9 months to 1 year old, 7cm/2,75in, russian tortoise) and turned on lamps and uvb lamp started to act weirdly and smelling awful...
  10. Kim&Tim

    Turtle soup anyone?

    Sleepy Tim waking up and soaking No, I don't use this pan for cooking folks, only for soaking, don't worry😅 (His shell already looked like this, he's a rescue, grew up in horrible conditions for 4 years)
  11. 1 Month Radiata.jpg

    1 Month Radiata.jpg

    My 1 Month Old Radiated Tortoise
  12. C

    Set up for a Rescued Russian

    Hello all Tortoise lovers! I am in need of help and guidance.... Recently, I went to a local, reputable, reptile pet shop, to buy a baby (1 year old) Tortoise. As my sister did 3 years ago, and her little Russian Tort (Cinders) is ace. When I got there I was introduced to an adult male who had...
  13. Jeanettics

    New indoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    I used an old bookshelf to create a new enclosure for Tortellini. It’s 69” x 28” x 9.5” so not quite big but definitely a step up! I’m hoping when I move to a new place in September I can create an outdoor enclosure for him. I was a bit nervous posting because everyone here is so knowledgeable...
  14. IMG_20200523_102650.jpg


    Indoor enclosure 2,6 ft by 6,7 ft. 50 watt basking lamp 24 watt 12% arcadia uvb tube 24 inches Real plants Cococoir and cocohusk substrate Logs, bendy bridges, slate
  15. IMG_20200523_102708.jpg


    Indoor enclosure 2,6 ft by 6,7 ft. 50 watt basking lamp 24 watt 12% arcadia uvb tube 24 inches Real plants Cococoir and cocohusk substrate Logs, bendy bridges, slate
  16. Timmie


    Hi! 🐢😊
  17. Kim&Tim

    My indoor enclosure

    This is my indoor enclosure, it's 2,6 x 6,7 ft. Timmie also has an outdoor enclosure of 6x6 ft. He likes to climb and the majority of the perimeter is free, so he can either climb or take the easy route. He always sleeps in the cave. All the plants have been alive since January, so I guess...
  18. Texas Scott

    Life after death - Preserve a shell

    Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan...
  19. No1much

    Poorly female Russian (rns?) Advice

    So a couple of days ago we had a poorly tort. Our female(?) (2yo) Russian started sneezing and clicking and got a runny nose. Finally got her to the vet today. She had an injection of amikin and we have to give her another every 2 days into her sort of collar area. She has to go back in 2 weeks...
  20. Timmie