1. A

    To hibernate or not hibernate. That is the question.

    I have read a ton of posts here on hibernation and I still can't decide what to do about Usain Bolt's winter time. Important info. I just got him from a rescue but they've had him for 4 months and said he's been healthy. Bolt is around 20yrs old, so they tell me. Bolt has an outdoor enclosure...
  2. N

    Tortoise upgrade advice.

    Hello! I have a 5 year old russian tortoise in need of an upgrade. would a 150cm x 60cm enclosure be big enough? we have limited space but i do want the best for him. I also need heating and lighting recommendations, i usually use a 12% tube and a heat emitter. Thank you!
  3. sadid1999

    Is this an infection on russians mouth?

    Does my russian male look like his mouth is infected? He seems to be doing ok as normal and he has been eating normal Yesterday my sister fed him pellets, dandelion leaves with some calcium powder and now hes bathing as normal but i can see some gunk stuff on his mouth? he has some on his head...
  4. M

    Tortoise Breeders in Ontario?

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder that sells in Canada? I am currently looking for either a Greek, Russian, or Egyptian Tortoise. Also what is the general price that I would be looking at for each? Thanks in advance!
  5. S

    All the Tort Q’s

    So, new here and I have several questions. Best substrate? Currently use Repti-Bark, a bit pricy though. Suggestions/tips for his home? Going to build an outdoor area for summer too, but he’ll be here at least in winter. Should I be worried about his shell? I’ve had him at the vet twice...
  6. S

    Double coastguard rescue for runaway

    To make you smile......
  7. OT1_

    Questions about claw length and 'smooth' skin on rear legs [Pictures attached]

    Hi All, This is Puck, my Russian Tortoise. I'm a little concerned that his/her claws are getting a bit long. I've also noticed recently that there is quite a lot of 'smooth' skin on his/her rear legs - this may be completely normal and I've just noticed it and it looks a little odd. Any...
  8. Jaschramm1318

    Beloved Russian Tortoise to rehome :(

    My 9 year old male Russian Tortoise named Merlin cannot go with us to Maine. It's not a great situation for hi, and the climate will be very cold. I am desperate to find a good family to care for him.
  9. snailpeekoutofshell

    Is this hill too steep? And other questions…

    I’m currently working on the outdoor enclosure for my Russian and the hardest part has definitely been his hide. The dirt in my area is no good so I have been buying blocks of coco coir, which I don’t mind, but because there’s no good area to dig into, I’m having to artificially create a deep...
  10. E


    Hello! This is Rocky. I responded to a rehoming request on Craiglist and Rocky has been with me for almost three weeks. The posts that recommended daily soaking for tortoises having hard times adjusting to new environments were very helpful. Rocky’s initial hunger strike only lasted 6 days. He’a...
  11. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    A recent acquaintance got a Russian tortoise from a pet store on a whim (yeah) two months ago. No idea the age, though not a hatchling. The tortoise has been inside a 50-gallon tank with a UVB and fed romaine, bok choy, and kale (we already had a chat about improving the nutrition). But her...
  12. snailpeekoutofshell

    Safe to feed plants grown with hydroponic nutrients?

    I'm having A LOT of trouble growing a garden for my Russian to eat... It's been very hot the past month or so, and my plants are suffering for it. Almost everything I started growing a couple months ago is dead, with a few weeds holding strong. I'm about to start growing them indoors and moving...
  13. LRZtorts

    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
  14. sadid1999

    Is this grassy poo normal?

    So i soaked my russian earlier and all this grassy poo has come out which has never happened before? He has been outside a lot more and i have caught him munching on the grass a few times but is this a problem? it was stuck to his butt quite a lot so a pulled on it slightly and it all came away...
  15. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  16. K

    2 White Dots On Russian Tortoise Shell

    Hello, I bought a Russian tortoise 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed these 2 white dots one on a scute and one “in between?” the scutes. I’ve looked and read everywhere and seen things that ranged from mineral deposits all the way to shell rot. I have been using bottled water for his water bath and...
  17. snailpeekoutofshell

    Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Lamp

    Hello! For the days when I can't get my Russian out in time for good UV rays or in winter, I wanted to be prepared with a good UV light for him instead of waiting until the time comes... Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Lamp This is the one I was looking at, and I've been looking for...
  18. C

    Tort suddenly aggresive?

    Hi all - Longtime lurker, first time poster ... I have two Russian male torts given to me 8 years ago by a friend who couldn't care for them anymore. They have always been housed together and seemed to like each other's company just fine, sharing the hide, basking together, etc. Current...
  19. T

    Beak Broken Off - Advice Please!

    Hello, I've just checked on my adult Russian to see him sitting with his cuttlefish, powder all around his face & a piece of his broken beak next to him. I was looking into trimming his beak but was a little apprehensive about doing it myself, as well as taking him to the vet because of the...
  20. snailpeekoutofshell

    A question about evening sun exposure

    Hello! So here in Vegas we're in the middle of a heat wave.. the high tomorrow is supposed to be 115 F and the low is 82 F. This is quite early in the summer for these high temperatures. Currently, I don't have any deep shade or deep holes for Beans to hide from the heat in. For the past few...