1. snailpeekoutofshell

    Hello everyone! Russian (?) tortoise help needed..

    I found what I believe to be a male Russian tortoise (please let me know if this looks wrong!) in my backyard about a week ago and I haven't been able to find his owner so I'm working on building an enclosure for him. We've named him Beans and I've currently been feeding him some young spring...
  2. S

    Russian Tortoise with Worms in Feces

    Hello, My Russian tortoise had a soak today and I noticed him expel feces with worms in it. I am hoping to make an appointment with our veterinarian but is there anything I can do in the meantime? He eats regularly and poops regularly.
  3. G

    New enclosure and burrowed

    Hi all! I'm new here but decided to make an account because I'm worried about my Russian tort, Arnie. I built him a new outdoor enclosure (8 ft long, 3.5 ft wide, 3 ft high) with a lid on top. I introduced Arnie to it (with supervision) for a short periods for a few days because he's never had...
  4. Jenna Ryanne

    Tortoise Always Hides When He’s Outdoors

    Hi guys! I have a couple of questions about my Russian tortoise (Peetrie) and spending time outdoors. My tortoise is about 10 months old and up until this point has stayed in his terrarium indoors. I have wanted him to have an enclosure outdoors as well, but unfortunately the backyard to my...
  5. F

    New Russian Tortoise

    Hello! I just brought my Russian Tortoise home today. I’m feeling pretty confident about how his enclosure is looking so far, but I have found some conflicting information on a few topics: 1. I have a heat lamp as well as a UVB lamp. Currently I only have a heat lamp that emits light as well. I...
  6. emylimarie

    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I've tried to go through the forums to find an updated thread with breeders but no luck. I'm looking to buy a Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise, male preferred. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? I've emailed some of these companies like TortoiseSupply...
  7. T

    Multi Level Enclosures to increase sqft

    Howdy! Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a tortoise, and now that I'm 23 I'm finally fulfilling that dream and have decided on a Russian Tortoise. Now I'm still going back and forth between getting an adult or a baby (It's technically my first pet other than betta fishes), and while I am...
  8. PiL71

    Wood protectant

    Hello - I've been off and on planning a final enclosure for my Russian, Herb. I've had some run ins with people on here before, so I'd really appreciate only help, no harm (unless the harm is for the safety of the tort) As everyone here knows, tortoises can eventually scratch thru wood sealant...
  9. grumpytort


    my little Tort is 3/4 years old now, any idea if he/she’s a boy or girl?! not sure if he’s still to young to tell.
  10. B

    Need help - Vitamin A options for Russian Tortoise

    Hi, I have had problems getting my Russian enough vitamin A for years. He is a very picky eater. He likes to eat spring mix, radicchio, romaine and carrots. I try to give him hibiscus (he loves the flowers but not the leaves), collards and other plants but he never eats them. If he finds a...
  11. T

    Enclosure Queries

    Hello, I'm currently trying to set up my adult Russian's new 8x3ft wooden vivarium but would really appreciate some advice on a few things please before I move him in there: - There seems to be little black bugs all in the orchid bark, like really tiny flies. Does anyone know how I can get rid...
  12. No1much

    Russian tortoise white blood cell count low so needs ct scan?

    Hey guys. My russian tortoise has been unwell for a few weeks. I took him to the vet 2 weeks ago and they said he might have an infection and gave me oral baytril. I've had mixed success getting him to eat it but he started to improve. This week he's been very sluggish in the mornings but perks...
  13. No1much

    Is my tortoise getting enough of his meds.

    TLDR at the end. Hey guys . Bit of background I'll keep it brief. Both my russians got lethargic about a month ago. Went to exotic vets. Poop check of one says worms (they're kept separate). Given wormer to give to both every 2 weeks. Had to remove all substrate (organic top soil) replace with...
  14. Дружок

    Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding

    Does anyone have experience with the Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding? We now use Lucky Reptile Humus Brick on advise of the store we bought our Russian Tortoise...
  15. unnamed (3).jpg

    unnamed (3).jpg

    Just picked him up! His beak is very overgrown and his toenails need trimmed as well. His shell also has a fungus looking thing that I could peel off. This is my first RT! Meet Tonka!
  16. Dcatalano

    Hello from Gabby!

    My Russian, Gabby, was a classroom pet at the Montessori school where I work. Due to covid, they needed every bit of classroom space so he is now a member of our family. He’s so cool and we love having him. I would really like to know your thoughts on his age, if it’s possible to estimate. He’s...
  17. L

    Looking to adopt in the St. Louis area

    I would love to adopt a Russian or Hermann's tortoise in the St. Louis MO or Southern IL area. Please contact me. I've got an enclosure and all the supplies ready. I had a tort lined up but it fell through.
  18. Marisa_marie17

    Please help!!! (shell rot?)

    My tortoises shell has been roughed up since the day I got her and Ive always been cautious of it and I just noticed some things that I really don’t like and I’m panicking bc something isn’t right. Please give all advice and help me with what this might be. I’m super worried about my babe. Like...
  19. Marisa_marie17

    Russian homes

    Hey I was looking for some ideas to further update my tort enclosure. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some ideas or post pics of theirs. Also if you would share the dimensions of your enclosures too, I’m considering trying to make mine bigger but don’t know if it’s really...
  20. T

    Enclosure opinions and tips

    This is my enclosure for my 3 year old Russian tort. He has two 40w heat bulbs and a small heat mat that is behind glass in his in-built hide. The enclosure is about 3ftx4ft. He also has his UV strip light. I’ve tried to have lots of plants, most fake but one real at the back. He eats on a slate...