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May 12, 2014
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Thought this might be an interesting thing to share with the members here, as well as a nice first post!.....

To those who don't know, the Turtle Survival center (TSC) was acquired in 2012 by the TSA. Originally it was a crocodile breeding facility, but now works great for turtles. The seller of the property wanted to contribute something big to turtle conservation, so he sold the facility to the TSA for a very low price.

I was able to go to the Center a little over a month ago to volunteer for a weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the entire facility, as I didn't quite get the time, but I did get quite a bit.


The room the two windows open into is the "conference room". Pretty much a very large room with four tables pushed together to form a very large one, two small couch/sofas, a couple pieces of furniture holding books, etc. There were also a dozen or so adult M. Annanemsis that were in for a health check-up, three G. Platynota that were infertile/unable to breed for one reason or another and being rehomed, a massive cast of a skeleton of a Arrau River turtle (Podocnemis Expansa), and the skeleton of a head of an extinct crocodilian.


The G. Platynota, waiting to be rehomed.


The door seen in the photo opens into another room, containing a couple adult animals waiting for their outdoor accommodations to be ready, as well as some hatchlings and some animals in recovery.


Now...to see if I can remember all the inhabitants....

Several hatchling C. Mccordi, M. Annanemis, A. Radiata, a single C. Galbinofrons, two little C. Mouhotii Obsti, single adult Forstenii, C. M. Obsti and M. Impressa, a lone H. Depressa, and an adult C. Joeyi with some pretty severe shell rot that was healing up. Along with some turtles that I frankly don't know the names of.

Here are some pictures of some of the turtles from this room:


Hatchling C. Mccordi (Mccord's box turtle).


The lone H. Depressa (Arakan Forest turtle. One of my favorite turtles in the world....).


Adult C. M. Obsti (Keeled box turtle).


Hatchling C. Galbinofrons.....I don't remember the common name. Sorry!


Juvenille M. Impressa (Impressed tortoise)


Young M. Annanemsis (Vietnamese pond turtle?)


And they who shall not be named! I really feel like I know what these guys are, but the name simply doesn't come to mind. Erymnochelys madagascariensis, perhaps?

Well, that wraps up the end of a pretty long post. I have some more photo's of the outdoor facilities, enclosures, other buildings, and a couple more turtle pictures that I may post at a later date.

Hope you all enjoy. Also hope this is the appropriate forum to post this in. It is photo's relating to both turtles and tortoises, so I was unsure.



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Dec 7, 2013
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I love the post like this. Where is this facility located? Are they open to public? How to apply for adoption?

Thank you for share this wonderful place to us.


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May 12, 2014
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South Florida
Hello -

All visitors are asked repeatedly not to divulge the location of the Center. There is a lot of security; for good reason, I guess. I can tell you what they say about it on the article on their website, which is South Carolina. I was there on a volunteer weekend trip, which they greatly appreciate to help them get some bigger, dirty jobs done. I doubt they would allow singles, but if you can find a group and arrange a trip, I recommend doing so, you won't regret it.
The only way to apply for adoption is joining is a member of the TSA, and even then you have to be very lucky. I'm not quite sure how the adoptions are handled, but they do ask for a donation in return, I believe.

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