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Grandpa Turtle 144

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  • Hello grandpa turtle I spoke to someone I spoke to someone a few years back NY And said I was moving to Tucson AZ Don't you live there
    I was talking with the guy at Arizona Tortoise Compound but he’s currently out of Adult Male Leopard Tortoises.
    Hey grandpa, from whom did you get your Egyptains? My wife and I are still in the market for one.
    Hey grandpa turtle you seem like a good guy to know. Is it common for tortoises sold by forum members to go for 30-50% more than online dealers that are well reviewed on the forum? I don't see why... Maybe it's inexperience on my part.
    Hi Grandpa Turtle,
    I have a sulcata that is two years old. For most of the summer I let him live in my back yard in Apachee Junction. I have a 40gal tank that I can move him inside if needed or is there a care for outside I can do for him? I like him outside because he has more room to move but I have noticed he is not moving nearly as much as he was last month.

    Thanks for any help,
    Ian H.
    You got your messages turned off? How do I contact you Grandpa? Going to TTPG?
    It appears from all I have seen that you are much loved and well respected. Please provide, if you will, any important knowledge for a first time owner of a Sulcata. She is about 15" and will arrive tomorrow in Michigan. I want to assure the easiest transition and best possible environment for her.
    Are you still interested in the russian tortoises. If so, please direct message me.
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