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Oct 3, 2019
Nov 18, 2011
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December 19
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Suburban-life in Salem, Oregon
Dandelion and Plantain Farmer

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Well-Known Member, Male, from Suburban-life in Salem, Oregon

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Cowboy_Ken was last seen:
Oct 3, 2019
    1. William Lee Kohler
      William Lee Kohler
      Hey Ken are you coming to Albany saturday?
    2. LisaFromMaranaAz
      Hi again...wondering if you ever got my messages about the opuntia pads and plants with roots? Please email me [email protected] I will be happy to help out
    3. Phillip Gonzalez
      Phillip Gonzalez
      Hi Tom, I don't know if there is a way to send a message on here but I wanted to get your thoughts and ideas for keeping a leopard tortoise in our part of the Oregon. Any chance you can email me at [email protected]?
    4. Maggie Cummings
      Maggie Cummings
      I buried another of your tortoises; dug her grave and cried over her. Something you never did. At least in the last 7 months of her life she was fed, held and loved.
    5. sibi
      Hey Cowboy, where have you been? I recently came back to Pretend Chat after a bout with injuries, sickness, and the death of my grandson who was just 21 year old. How have you been? I see you are still active here. Why haven't you kept in touch?
    6. Prairie Mom
      Prairie Mom
      I just noticed you're back and posting again! It's great to have you back. The forum sure missed you:) Keep getting better!
      1. Gillian M likes this.
    7. sullygirl85
      I am not sure how you message on this thing, but I had a questions with the CHEs I want to set up a couple on a thermostat for my little baby sulcata
    8. jskahn
      Hi Cowboy,
      I am thinking about ordering 2 or 3 Mali Uromastyx from Deer Fern Farms. am a little worried after reading the reviews. Are they usually healthy? You seem to know him well. Thanks, Joe
    9. BLUAZUL1
      Hi My name is David Thanks
    10. FredrickTheGreek
      Hi my greek tortoise who is almost a year old (will be one year old in December) has not been pooping lately. He continues to eat regularly and bathe regularly (30 minutes every other day in luke warm water) he tries very hard to get his stool out but always fails. He used to be very active and such but lately he has almost seemed weak. Should I take him to the vet? Please help. I'm very concerned for him. Thank you!
    11. Nicoli
      What are good tortisses or turtles for Oregon?
    12. Robkota
      Hello I am the one that works with Kathy and yes I want a tortoise..
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    December 19
    Location (City and/or State):
    Suburban-life in Salem, Oregon
    Dandelion and Plantain Farmer
    Im way old and I think Coors Original is all that deserves to be called beer.


    Cowboy Ken
    'Burbs of Salem, Oregon
    Urban Tortoise Rancher Extraordinaire