Scammers on TFO- (or on the internet) Be careful!!


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Jul 23, 2008
Hello All,

I am the newest member of the "don't trust anyone club". I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the post by @deercorpse in which he claims chis wife was sick with cancer and had her tortoise stolen. I foolishly offered a hatchling for free if they paid for shipping. I was contacted by several members worried that I might be getting scammed. Well, I was at least almost. Thanks to all the people who contacted me with their concern and information. You all have my deepest respect and thanks.

Initially, I was a bit suspicious as it was an obvious ploy but the crying of "cancer" got me. I figured who could be low enough to call the C-card over a free hatchling. I was guarded but hopeful it was a legit person down on their luck, it was the very least I could do the help someone when life was kicking them down. Then "rebmassor" started to confirm that they met with deercorpse and that they were good people down on their luck. Playing me the entire time. Please do not have anything to do with them. As they are one in the same. The same sick bast***using different usernames trying to scam people. @AmRoKo beat me to it, I was contacted by another member who was likewise suspicious and pointed me in the direction of fauna. I contacted the mods there and here is the result:

I also contact the mods here and I have free reign to out them as scammers. So here is the email outing the bast****.

Scott Champlin and your fake dying wife Sherri: How dare you be such a bast*** for such a simple thing as a free tortoise. Sir, I can honestly say, you suck.

Enjoy all. At least they never got the torts. Thank goodness I keep the hatchling for at least a month or the little one may have ended up God knows where.

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