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Jan 4, 2021
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Last week I was pretty bored so I decided to do an experiment. I had heard that there are a lot of people on Facebook that are there just a scam, I thought let’s see if this is true. I posted a few posts on adoption forms because I am looking to add another leopard tortoise to my group. And I received some responses. Now you may be asking yourself at this point did I get a Leopard Tortoise. And I’m not gonna hold you to it any longer than I have to I did not get a Leopard Tortoise. The first person I spoke to what is nice and they were not a scammer but upon further conversation all that they had or desert tortoises, and they had to move. Now if you’re not aware to keep a desert tortoise in California you do need a special permit which I do not have as I have no intentions of keeping desert tortoises in the future. She was nice but I had to politely declined her offer as I do not need California desert tortoises. Here’s where things got interesting the next few people I spoke to were scammers. Now I am not trying to be mean in anyway but I can’t see how any person in the world would fall for their scams. Unless they had done absolutely no research. The first person I spoke to showed me a leopard tortoise they had for sale, when I asked for a photo of the plastron they sent me the photo of a Herman’s Tortoise plastron. Now that was quite obvious the next person I spoke to wanted to sell me a “Leopard Tortoise” and when I asked for photos they proceeded to send me a photo of a radiata Tortoise. They had Christ radiated Tortoise at $400 I mean leopard tortoise. And they were located in New York this was quite clearly a scam as they sent me an automated message next that was completely unbelievable. Plus it would be illegal for them to sell me a Radiata Tortoise without CBW permit. Which I am highly doubting they have as they don’t give them out anymore. And if you went through the process of getting one that you’re not selling a radiata Tortoise for $400 and I don’t have one. No I don’t take my word for it, look at the conversations I have attached feel free to add any stories about scammers to this forum post. I am shocked that anyone has ever fallen for one of these scams. Now I am going to admit that in my long time of dealing with turtles and tortoises I have been scammed but at least the people scamming me were at all convincing. Also haven’t seen many posts lately where has everyone gone.


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With just a few questions 99% of the scammers can be figured out before any money is lost. I used to play with them. Asking about wanting to buy a bunch of different ones, getting them excited to be scamming me out of a bunch of money. Then I would ask for the address as i had a friend in the same area and would pick them up. That sent some to not talk to me any more and some to give all kinds of reasons why i couldn't pick them up. At that point i would tell them off and call them all kinds of not nice things.

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