Outdoor Redfoot Enclosure questions


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Jun 8, 2019
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Myrtle Beach, SC
I currently have two redfoots. One is a 7" female and one is a 10" male. I am building two new outdoor enclosures for them, and have a couple of questions. My plan is to build low walls using cinder blocks capped with wood planks (approx 18" high total) and each enclosure will be approximately 9' x 10'. Of course, each enclosure will have its own hides, greenery and plants, a shallow water dish, etc. Here are my questions...... Is 18" tall enough? Are my redfoots large enough to leave in an enclosure without a cover? At what temperature level should I plan to bring them into the house for the winter months? I am in Myrtle Beach, SC so we don't get much winter....but we do typically have a few weeks of low temps. Thanks in advance for all your help! I have attached a pic of the two of them together....They do not share an enclosure....I just put them together for size comparison.


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