1. TheTattooedTortoise

    My baby Hermanns first 'outdoor time' enclosure.

    Good'ay folks, hope everyone is happy and healthy!! So we've had little Sheldon since April now, he's doing really well and seems quite content with us, is growing nicely and in general is a pretty happy tort! Obviously I know the benefits of outdoor time and natural sunlight for tortoises...
  2. L

    I need a little help

    I just got a hinge back tortoise out of the blue and I really like him, I keep him in a small bin filled with mulch, I dont know where to find a hide for him so I took him to the back of my house and let him roam there, its pretty confined so he cant get out and he usually burrows in two...
  3. Mrs_Gal1981

    Feral Cat House for outdoor tortoise?

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever used one of these feral cat houses to house an outdoor tortoise...
  4. A

    Why does My tortoise loves this Spot?

    Hey guys, I’m just really curious. I live in Maldives and have 2 Indian Star Tortoise. I’ve had them for 21years. Now the plant in the picture is a Pandan Plant. I always find my Tortoise hiding deep inside the plants. So deep to the point I can’t find them. They’re out in the open so sometimes...
  5. G

    Designing for Male-Female Enclosure (outdoor)

    Hello! We are redesigning our outdoor enclosure for our 20-30 year old CA desert tortoises. We are making two enclosures, one for the female, one for the male. ideally we would divide the existing long and narrow enclosure into two side by side runs, with one shared solid wall Down the middle...
  6. SuperReggie64


    Hello I just wanted to ask what temperature is not okay outside for my Russian tortoise. My tortoise lives inside but he trys to climb out a lot so I built a big outdoor enclosure for him to play in. He spends an hour outside a day. Sometimes 2. I worry about heat out there which is why I don't...
  7. Can you find me?

    Can you find me?

  8. Timmie outdoor

    Timmie outdoor

  9. ayrgrn

    permanent outdoor enclosure for Hermann's?

    Hi, I'm planning on making a permanent (or semi-permanent) outdoor enclosure for my 1yr8month old Hermann's tortoise and need some advice/guidance on what to do if anyone would be willing? I've looked at some other threads on outdoor enclosures but they all seem to be on adult torts but not...
  10. daisyhillpuppy

    What is safe soil for outdoor grazing?

    We are finalizing improvements on our outdoor desert tortoise enclosure. I have organic grass seed that I would like to plant - I’m looking for any suggestions for safe soil to use for grazing - as they’ll be done hibernating (and hungry) soon! I have used no-frills organic top soil in the past...
  11. S

    Am I taking care of my russian tortoise correctly?

    I have a Russian Tortoise named Ivan and I've had him for about 7 months now. We bought him at a pet store and we have him in an 40 gal aquarium that is 36Lx18Wx151/2H. We have a very limited amount of space with where we put him and a wooden housing unit was not possible st the time and a lot...
  12. MPappagallo

    Outdoor Redfoot Enclosure questions

    I currently have two redfoots. One is a 7" female and one is a 10" male. I am building two new outdoor enclosures for them, and have a couple of questions. My plan is to build low walls using cinder blocks capped with wood planks (approx 18" high total) and each enclosure will be...
  13. Revasius

    Russian tortoise in Florida: advice needed!

    Hi everybody! I am new to this particular forum but look forward to meeting some fellow tortoise owners. Background: I have a rescue Russian tortoise who I quite literally found abandoned on a median here in Florida. She was clearly neglected in her previous home, having an incredibly...
  14. K

    Russian Tortoise Habitat - Outdoor

    http://i67.tinypic.com/6z0k0z.jpg Hello everyone! This is my new Russian Tortoise Habitat. I live in Colorado and in the summer it gets to 75-85 degrees.The heat lamp is just tempararily for now.I planted some Testudo plants for my tortoise as well as the plants you see. Just wanted to hear your...
  15. B

    Russian tort out of hibernation early

    My 5+ year old Russian tortoise lives outside in the PNW. He has thrived and has many areas of sunlight every single day and hot spots and areas where he can always stay dry. He has gone into hibernation the past few years and has done very well coming out of it, I always bring him inside when...
  16. Maidens Hill Farm

    Weed id and food questions for new Sulcata

    We have been creating a beautiful structure for our new Sulcata adoption Chello. He is arriving this Sunday! (4 year old, about 20 inch male). We have his home and yard set up, but now I'm stressing the food situation, since we are due for snow on pick up day! 1. If I cut grass and weeds do...
  17. Maidens Hill Farm

    new adult Sulcata: light / heat q's outdoor

    Man, I have gone down the rabbit hole of Forum posts, trying to absorb much needed info. Huge thanks to all these experienced owners. I feel like Im on a first named basis with folks Ive never even met! My husband keeps asking who TOM and Yvonne are! I skipped an intro post before, so I figured...
  18. J

    Horsfield outdoor enclosure

    Hello, I've had a male horsfield for a couple of years and he's doing great. This summer we increased the size of his outdoor pen and we are debating on getting 3 females. Would this be big enough? All plants are edible and there are 3 total caves for hiding
  19. alcws0107

    FREE outdoor tortoise enclosure Chillicothe IL to whomever wants to come remove F

    Outdoor tortoise enclosure 6x7. Enclosure is covered to ensure safety from predatory birds. Plants are to stay here. Note it is sunk into the ground(as tortoises dig!) so digging will be involved to remove. Free to anyone who wants to remove it and transport.
  20. Sean.k

    Starting my Sulcata Pen

    After doing some browsing I am still having some questions on landscaping for my Sulcata's pen, he is a baby and I have him in his 50 Gallon tank which he seems happy in but I really want to get working on his outdoor area. first off I want a tree, the tree in the picture is a willow...