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Jul 18, 2019
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Hi, first year of hibernating a marginated tortoise. He went away in a box in his hutch in a shed end of October. I am worried that with the last few days being above 10 degress during the day he may have woken.Temperature today in Northamptonshire UK is 12 degrees today but dropping to minus figures over night with occasional frost. Daytime predicted temps next week back down to single figures. I have some questions as I am starting to worry that I should be doing more.
When does he come out of hibernation?
Should I be doing anything right now?
Can i check in his box, will this disturb him?
Can I put some food and water in there for him?

Please could someone guide me.


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Jan 9, 2010
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You can't predict or control the weather. Because of this, I prefer to have a temperature controlled shelter in the outdoor enclosure, and/or have a large indoor enclosure that I can control. I use these to manage temps and ease the tortoise into, and out of, hibernation. After 5 months, you need to get this tortoises up. The outdoor temps are not going to cooperate, so I would set up a large indoor enclosure with a heat lamp and begin the process of waking the tortoise.

I would not put food or water to there with cold temps.


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Oct 26, 2011
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Hi @SamanthaLouise

I am in Kent. We had our Greek for over 40 years and he started his days with us not far from you in Bedfordshire.

Your tortoise will stir when temperatures are steadily above 10C. However a sudden warm day could be enough to rouse him.

Give my thread about about keeping tortoises outdoors in the UK a read as I talk about hibernation in that :)


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