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  • Hi I have 4 redfoots approx. 18 month old. I have had them in a 5ft 6in Vivarium for just over a year. how long can they be away from humidity if I take them out of the vivarium to play.
    I habe 2 horsfeild tortoise around 3 yrs old and my male tortoise is really sexually fustrated. Where as the female doesnt seem interested at all. Should i separate them for a little bit?
    Hi @JoesMum Somebody told me that you are a really great person to talk to and full of knowledge! I wonder if you can give me some inspiration for what to give woody to eat in these winter months because I'm struggling to give him a good variety and a lot of the plants on the tortoise table I've never heard of and not sure if they're available in the UK? Thank you
    I just now found out about Joe. There are no words, I am in tears for you. You know that I understand the pain you are in. I'm so sorry there just is no pain like this. Bob died in 2015 and I still cry about him. I still miss him, and my neighbors say I'm real different now. I won't ever be the same. ...hang in there, I'd like to tell you it gets easier, but it doesn't.
    [email protected],
    I have had my horsefield tortoise for 4 days now and i have noticed after eating its reaching its neck all the way out and lifting its legs off the ground. Is this normal? Is my tortouse ill? I have noticed it opens its mouth as if food is stuck. I am really worried. It is lying under the heat lamp and closing its eyes
    HEY ....., I need help , i have a star turtle and i think he is unwell, i in india its winter season, he was ok in summers but in winters he has almost stop eating and excreting. I think he has cold. PLEASE help me!!!!!! what should I do???!!
    Could you check out my conversion I am new to tortoise form and need someone like u to check it out please maby re post i know a lot and am willing to share and learn
    Star toitoise, no toitoise vet over here . It is outdoor . Flu. Maybe not enough soak n get cold outdoor . I'm in malaysia. I din give warm
    Water . Just normal water . Will try change it tomorrow . But what can do now?
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