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Fish were my first passion as a kid! Anyone else keep SA cichlids?

Discussion in 'Fish & Aquaria' started by wemakegreatpets, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. wemakegreatpets

    wemakegreatpets Member

    Jan 5, 2019
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    C9E399EF-9597-4CD8-8517-D150118F4EE8.jpeg 7378A94E-6DF7-455B-9F4B-14F292E4F165.jpeg When I was 10, I developed a weird obsession with aquatic snails so I saved my allowance, got a tank, and filled it... and decided “might as well get fish too right!?”

    And the obsession started from there. Made a ton of mistakes as a ten yo beginner. Now I have my largest (75 gallons) tank at 23. Keep a blood parrot, a few rams (Bolivian and German blue) as well as angels, as well as a large school of cories and a synodontis eupterus.

    My cichlids are my favorites by far. Know WHO mama is (because they don’t come for anyone else) and are so interactive.

    It’s also funny how much the industry has changed in 13 years.

    Have some pics!
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  2. Toddrickfl1

    Toddrickfl1 Well-Known Member Tortoise Club

    Jan 7, 2018
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    I used to breed live-bearers. It really was an obsession too. A few years ago though I kind of got away from fish and now all the tanks are filled with turtles.
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  3. TortoiseRacket

    TortoiseRacket Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2018
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    New York
    I also had a weird obsession with “apple” snails. They never lasted long, though.

    My first fish was named “Big Goldie”.
    What I didn’t realize was that was a good name for a GOLDFISH. So when everyone else had a Goldie the Goldfish, I had a Goldie the African Ciclid. :D

    Then I got into large fish. I had some pacus (my favorites), a silver Arowana, an albino Oscar, a normal Oscar, a huge royal pleco, Jaguar cichlids, and a fish called “Jack Dempsi”. These were all at different times. I got out of that and got into reptiles. Now, I have a huge 110 gallon tank sitting in my basement, empty. I did remember that it was fun to brag about my huge tank when everyone else had a mere two-gallon bowl.
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