shell advice

  1. Rlogreen

    Help Learning About Tortoise

    Hello, We recently rescued our tortoise from a friend who wasn’t taking the best care of her. We’ve had her for about 2 months, built a new enclosure, taken her to the vets and she’s definitely getting healthier and putting on a little weight. We have noticed these pale lines start to appear...
  2. L

    IS THIS NORMAL? (Shell advice)

    Hi guys! I have a Hermann tortoise about 9 years old and have had him for about 4-5 years. He’s never had any health problems so I’m hoping this is nothing bad! I’ve noticed recently that his shell has curved underneath his backside slightly. It wasn’t like this before it has happened recently...
  3. F

    Poipu’s Shell.

    Hey everyone, my tortoise is tortoise eats lettuce carrots tomatoes celery strawberries & flukers veggie diet, and his shell has been kinda sloping in the back any suggestions?
  4. Codie Lynn

    Dented Belly

    Hi all! I have an Eastern Hermann tortoise who is almost 10 months old and I was giving him his bath and noticed the underside of his shell is dented on both sides in the middle, it’s freaking me out what does this mean? It’s still hard but a noticeable dent on each side that was not there a...
  5. turtwigtortoise

    New Tort Owner

    Hi guys, Relatively new Hermann’s owner - just a quick question for anybody who would like to offer advice. I did and continue to do ALOT of research into how to best keep my little guy, I pretty much have everything like temp, enclosure, meals and daily routine down to a T. But one think...
  6. R

    Shell de-colorization

    This is Ruby, my 15 year old horse-field’s tortoise. She is in good health other than the problem described below. Ruby had a white ring around her shell about a few months ago, and I went to tortoise forums for help. All and each response I got was that this was normal, and would go away at...
  7. F

    Odd tortoise situation

    Hello, I have had a few issues with my tortoise and I am unsure how best to go forward. (he is about 3 and a half years old and is a Hermans tortoise. At the start of 2018 he was 37g but now we are at 706g. Gender is still unknown.) I got him a few years ago not long after he had been hatched...
  8. D

    What’s wrong with my tortoise

    Hello! I’m new here and I had a question. I own a red foot tortoise and she’s 3 now but she started showing white all over her shell. I can’t tell if it is dryness or rot. I been brushing her lightly with distilled water for two days but is not coming off. Does anyone know what could it be and...
  9. C

    Air bubbles underneath the carapace?

    Hello, I have a twelve years old greek tortoise and a few weeks ago I started noticing that there were light spots appearing on his shell, and as time passes, more are appearing. Our veterinarian said those are air bubbles that we should scrape off and treat the shell underneath with potassium...
  10. R

    Shell rot?

    Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum. I have a 10 year old Herman’s tortoise and he has always been pretty healthy, no problems. I have been away for the last couple of months and upon my return I noticed that the shell on the top of the tortoise looks like some sort of shell rot taking place, to...
  11. T

    Shell Question

    i wanted to ask the group if i should be worried about my box turtle’s shell. he eats a pretty well-rounded diet, calcium supplements, cuttlebone, gets plenty of water and lighting. but i am a bit worried about his shell. see photos. should i be worried? what may be missing from his care?
  12. K

    Russian tortoise shell growth uneven?

    I have a ~15 year old Russian tortoise that I have had for about 5 years. I went to the vet concerned about some things including her shell growth. They did blood tests as well and the results came back perfectly healthy, and my vet told me not to be worried about the growth because it just...
  13. ashleymiller28

    Dark spots under shell for sulcata tortoise?

    Hello! Just this morning I picked up my sulcata tortoise (I am guessing she is around 7-8 months, I received her in May of this year) and inspected the underside of her shell. I was surprised to see those dark little half circles near the bottom as just a few weeks ago I checked her underside...
  14. SJTort

    Shell peeling?

    Hi All, My 10 year old Greek tortoise seems to have a small section of his bottom shell that’s peeling a bit. He had a completely clean bill of health from the vet about 3 weeks ago so nothing has been festering for any length of time. His cage is appropriately humid, and I always dry his shell...
  15. K

    Crack on sulcata?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone can tell me about this on my 7 year old sulcata’s shell. We adopted him almost 3 years ago and he had hardly grown (Was the size of a tennis ball) because he wasn’t cared for properly, but since we’ve had him he has had regular soakings and proper...
  16. K

    Shell health

    Hello! How can I tell if my baby is starting to pyramid? I got this baby sulcata 2 months ago. I was told that he was about 7 months old when I obtained him. His husbandry and diet was poor before I got him. This is my first sulcata but I think I’m on the right track now.
  17. NaniRedstone

    Baby Redfoot Help!!

    Hi, Does anyone know what this is that's coming up under his shell?? Hes 1yr2months and we've had him for 11days, currently worried about his care and health! Hes hardly been eating the past few days and mainly sits in his house and hardly ever puts his head in his shell if that's normal? We...
  18. Khanmahn

    1 y/o cherry head shell flaking

    Hi Tortoise Tribe, Does anyone have some advice on how I can improve the health of my tort, Double T? I got a 1 y/o cherry head tortoise almost a month ago and it was evident that the previous caretaker did a poor job raising the little guy. Double T had pyramiding, weak legs, dry skin, and a...
  19. H

    Divot on shell scute

    Our lovely Mediterranean spur thigh tortoise has just come to live with us after being with a family member. We have noticed a divot on one of his scutes at the back. Please see attached. Apparently it has been there for years but we can only take their word for it. Would you say that it is...
  20. S

    Shell Help

    Hello! I’m new here and also new at being a tortoise mom. I recently purchased a baby tortoise (not from the best place but I didn’t like the conditions it was in and was hoping to give them a better home). Ever since I got it, the shell sort of has a dent and they’re doing great so far but I...