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  1. yusufning

    Sexing my Cherryhead

    Hi all, Ive just recently acquired an 11cm Cheeryhead, im trying to determine if its a male or a female? I know its probably too small to determine, but i think its a female. What do you all think? Thanks
  2. E

    Sexing My New Tortoise

    Hello, I just bought another tortoise. I’m curious of the sex. I have a thought of what it could be, but I’m curious to know if I’m correct. Could anyone confirm? It is a red foot. Thank you!
  3. A

    Egyptian Tortoise Sexing

    Hi, I have had 4 Egyptians for 3 and a bit years and just wondered if anyone could assist with sexing them. I know they are still relatively young but they were about a year when I got them so I think they’re coming up to an age that I should be able to start determining it. Any advice...
  4. MPappagallo

    Tortoise Sexing Question

    I need help sexing these tortoises.....I took quick pics, but was unable to get tail pics yet. Any guesses based on these pics? Thanks in advance. A is a yellowfoot, all the rest are redfoots. Also....D's tail seems to have a bend in it. Is that okay....or is it a problem of some sort?
  5. J

    Marginated Tortoise - Male or Female?

    Hello. I've had my tortoise about 8 years but I think she (maybe he) is about 11ish, we got her from a family friend as they were moving away. I think she is as she but I can't seem to find anything online that's clear enough to confirm so I thought I'd ask for some opinions! Attached is a...
  6. Afbhappy

    Marginated sex

    Well, I took Willard (1.5 year old marginated) in to the tort expert to see if he was a Mrs. or a Mr. The guy said with all certainty that he was a she. He showed me her tail and how short it is and the distance from here to there, so on and so forth. She also doesn't have a big indentation...
  7. M

    Sexing Peroni - Cherry-head tortoise

    Hi guys, Can you please help me identify (if already possible, of course) the sex from my cherry-head? She/he is already about 4 1/2 years old. Any insight is much appreciated! Greetings from Brazil, Marcello.
  8. Rocky Mountain Man

    Sexing rads of 10+ inches

    Hello, I had this Rads for more than 5 years now. The tortoise is close to 6 years old and weights about 3,975 g and about 10 inches SCL. I know it is difficult to visually sex Rads but wonder if we can give it a try. Hope the following photos provide some hints. Can it be certain a female or...
  9. jhider

    Help with sexing my two greek spur thighs please

    I'm looking for some advice for sexing my youngest spur thighs . I'm having some troubles with them recently and think it may be due to them being sexed wrong at an earlier age. I've attached photos of their "suspected" sex. They both have a slight concave underside but i'd say the females is...
  10. Nadine360

    Possible sexing on my year and a half sulcata

    I know it's not a definite on finding the sex until he she is about 8ish years old but I'm still really curious and I think his areas look male but I'm no expert I'm jus going off of what I read on the internet so having some other opinions would be nice he she is a year and a half old
  11. Totally_Tortoise

    What age can you sex a tortoise? and how?

    HI, I have 2 baby sulcatas that are each about 7 months old. I know how to sex them from what ive read, but what age do they have to be?