1. lionheartHC

    Finished painting the winter Russian/Sulcata enclosure today!

    So happy with how everything came out. 3.5ft x 6ft. Sulcata portion has plexiglass and Gary the Russian has an open tortoise table. :)
  2. L

    Hi from new Russian owner! + questions

    Hi everyone! I got a male Russian tortoise about a week ago, and though I am still struggling to name him, I am having a lot of fun having him so far and am excited to join this community. I had some questions about my setup, mainly about lighting. (But other suggestions welcomed). The...
  3. D

    Looking into Re-homing options for a 3 year old female Russian.

    When I bought my tortoise from PetSmart, I was 19 and stupid... I have since been browsing this forum for a while, looking into ways to better care for her. Over the years, I've gotten better at tortoise care, though I'm not sure if it's enough. At the moment, I have her in a 3X4 indoor...
  4. M

    Can you re-train a Russian Tortoise?

    We have an almost 10 year old Russian Tortoise. He/she was bred in captivity and we have had him since he was the size of a half dollar. About 4 years ago he/she started pounding against his cage, so we slowly started allowing him to free range throughout the house. (S)he opens most of the...
  5. kiramcathey

    Girl or Boy Russian Tortoise

    Please Help me identify if my Russian Tortoise is a girl or boy. Thanks!!
  6. R

    A two year old Russian Tortoise is looking for new home [SF Bay area]

    Female Comes with the enclosure $100 re-homing fee
  7. C

    New Tortoise not drinking or eating/ lethargic

    Hello! I’m in a bit of a predicament. I just received my juvenile Russian tortoise in the mail yesterday morning from Tortoise Town (I know. I saw the thread about the site too late). He has not taken any water or food since placing him in his enclosure. He will only move if I move him! I have...
  8. Aidan ❤️

    Bedding for Russian tortoises?

    I’ve had my female Russian tort for about two years and I’ve bounced (safely) around about 7-8 beddings. At first, I had Guinnea pigs and I got the tort as a surprise so I used some wood shavings that I used for my Guinnea pigs and it worked temporarily. Then I got mulch shavings and different...
  9. P

    Looking for a safe and caring breeder!!

    Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for tortoise breeders in the United States. I’m from Minnesota but am unable to find a breeder anywhere remotely close to me. I’m still not 100% sure on the species of tortoise I’m planning on getting yet, but looking into Russians and Hermanns (as I’m...
  10. J

    Housing Female Russians Together?

    Hi there - new member looking for advice on the possibility of housing two Russians together. I have an 8 year old female Russian tortoise (owner of 5 years) housed in a tortoise table that’s approx 3’ by 5’. Recently, to my surprise, I found a Russian tortoise in the middle of a busy...
  11. M

    top of russian tortoise head is RED :(

    hi everyone, i would really really appreciate some input ... the top of my russian tortoise's head has turned RED!! i'm really concerned. In terms of behavior, he has been more lethargic and has not been moving very much. lots of sleeping and just staying in the same corner. these past two or so...
  12. tort_us

    Ate miracle gro potting mix

    I turned around for two seconds to weed a plant and found my 3-year-old Russian tortoise eating miracle gro potting mix. He took between one and three bites of dirt and may or may not have eaten perlite pellet(s). I’m really worried but it doesn’t have any sort of insecticide or weed killer—...
  13. Ubercat

    Can you identify my subspecies?

  14. Digger Mar 2019 a.jpg

    Digger Mar 2019 a.jpg

    Digger is now 14 - 15 years old and starting to look like an old man
  15. Digger 16.jpg

    Digger 16.jpg

    Waiting for more food
  16. Digger 17.jpg

    Digger 17.jpg

    Digger is growing
  17. Digger 18.jpg

    Digger 18.jpg

    Digger when I first got him.
  18. Jeanettics

    Arcadia T5 6% or 12% for Russian tortoise

    I've been searching through the threads to find information on the difference between the Arcadia T5 6% and 12% UV tubes. I just purchased the 6% because I thought it meant I can hang it at a lower height (I'm not sure where I got this idea from--please let me know if I'm misunderstanding). I...
  19. SuperReggie64

    Worried about my tortoise

    Hello I got a Russian Tortoise the other day from someone who said they couldn't look after it anymore. This is my first tortoise and im worried that his health isn't okay as his beak looks uneven and his always trying to escape. I was also told he doesn't hibernate when 1 Google search said...
  20. E

    Help me and my buddy please

    I feel helpless. my russian tortoise lower shell is deteriorating since I got him a year ago. he gets one hour of sunlight a day. He gets tortoise pellets with occasional fruit pieces and salad. and where I live(south asia) there are barely any dark vegetables so I stick with tortoise pellets.he...