1. H

    Short vacation and tortoise not eating

    Before anything is said I know that everyone says don’t leave them alone. The “but” is I didn’t have anyone that I could rely on anyway. So here is the story with questions to follow. I have 3 adult female Redfoot and 6 Russians all above 4.5 inches in separate enclosures. Each enclosure is...
  2. R

    RT Noticed around mouth /nose more red

    I recently noticed two days ago that around my Russian tortoises nose is more red than usual. I have attached a picture of what it looks like and not sure if it something I shouldn’t be super considerate about or if it’s just normal I believe she’s acting normal but I am gone most of the day...
  3. Vanessa Black

    Can tortoises get E-Coli?

    The romaine lettuce outbreak I think is still happening and I just realized we've been feeding my Russian Tortoise romaine lettuce. Can he get E-Coli? Should we be worried? Please help.
  4. H

    Underground Reptiles

    I placed this order as a gamble after reading all the reviews I could find to get what I wanted at a very good price. I ordered a 3 pack of female Russian tortoise on 17 April 18 and requested 18 April 18 ship date. I used PayPal and the package was shipped 18 April. I received several texts and...
  5. Squirtle's mom

    Tortoise wont stop trying to poop?

    ok i have about 3 separate questions relating to the root of this issue, but i felt like this needs it's own question. long story short, my russian had to get bladder stones removed (non surgically) and to say the least he's sore. the vet warned that he might keep trying to push but, as theres...
  6. Augustus


    Recently bought a graphic tablet so here's a quick sketch of my Russian tort! What do you think?
  7. Lucky The Tortoise

    What bulbs would you recommend and whether to turn them on during vacation

    I have a russian tort. His heat lamp and UVB bulb are always breaking or coming loose. I'm afraid it will cause a fire. I've had to replace the heat bulb three times, and I've recently learned that coil UVBs can cause eye damage. Which brands (that are available in Florida) would you recommend...
  8. Cliygh and Mia

    Quick question about diet

    The title says it all, but right now since it's the winter, we have been feeding our two Russian tortoises Kale, Collard greens, and diced carrots mixed into the mixture, with occasional vitamin and calcium supplements added about every other feeding. Is this correct? I've heard some plants have...
  9. Cliygh and Mia


    Hello all! I'll cut to the chase here, my mother recently impulse bought two male Russian tortoises at a local reptile expo, and we're now caring for them and giving them plenty of love, attention, and care. I'll be looking forward to seeing other people's tortoises too!
  10. SaltLakeReptiles

    How long to reach adult size

    How many years does it take for a wild caught Russian female at 5" take to reach breeding size or 6"? And how long would it take for a baby captive bred one take to reach adult size also?
  11. DARKFIRE007

    Substrate troubles

    First I own a largely adult male Russian tortoise named Boris I am not only new here, but still a fairly new first time reptile owner at only 5 months in. I have muddled my way through fairly well despite conflicting opinions on everything from diet to substrate. I use a dome ceramic fixture...
  12. bigsteaks

    Female Russian Egg remnants

    Hello We have had a female russian now for about 4 years. We found egg remnants in her enclosure today. I say about 2-3 good size shell fragments.We have never seen her lay or attempt to lay eggs yet. Half the year she is outside in her private oasis. The other six months she is housed indoors...
  13. M

    Not sure whether russian tortoise is sick or going into hibernation

    So for about 4-5 days now, my russian tortoise has suddenly refused to eat anything I give him, instead opting to spend all his time burrowing down into his substrate. When he is indoors, he usually gets a mixture of greens (spring mix, collards, mustards, turnips, romaine, etc) with some...
  14. M

    Russian Tortoise needs a new home in Seattle

    Hi everyone, I will be moving from one side of the US to the other this winter, and where I'll be living I won't have room for a large enough enclosure to keep my russian tortoise ( comfortable. We've been together for years so I'm sad to see him go, but I know...
  15. sfr3y

    Problem with my tort around his eye?

    Just discovered this going on with my tort today... it was not like this last night. He is healthy. Is this just flaked off skin? Thanks so much in advance.
  16. courtoon

    RT avoids water dish!

    Hi all! My baby RT will not, and I repeat will NOT go into her water dish I have in her enclosure. She seriously hates her soaks and I have a feeling she hates her water dish now too because of it. I have a small terra-cotta saucer embedded in her substrate so it's not deep, pretty shallow. Her...
  17. A


    I was wondering what substrate to use for my baby horsefield tortoise. I have read forums about using topsoil, but i have read if maintained in this, wet, this will give them skin, shell and respiratoy infections, so not sure about this. Also had a wee look and thought that herbifloor/grass...
  18. Tchaikovsky

    Getting closer to my Russian

    I have had my Russian Tortoise for about 3 years now. Unfortunately, I have not been properly caring for him, but I am determined to make his life better. On this note, my tortoise is VERY opposed to the idea of me at all. I think he hates me. I try to pet him but he just gets mad and jerks...