1. Tiny baskin'

    Tiny baskin'

    Rémy enjoying a nap at his favorite spot ♡♡♡
  2. A

    Sexing Alfredo

    Hey guys! This is Alfredo. When we got this little guy, we were told by the breeders that it's likely a male because his tail length was on the longer side in this specific clutch, but, now that four years have passed, we genuinely have no idea as to whether or not Alfredo is male or female.
  3. H

    Browning coloration on the top/back of Hermann's shell?

    Hi everyone! I have an 8 year old Hermann's tortoise (Chompy). I've noticed some weird discoloration in the back of his shell in the past year. It seems to be a dusty brown color and I am not sure why. (I did switch from substrate to soil as he seemed to prefer it, and thought maybe the soil is...
  4. Cleigh9579

    New and considering a Hermanns Tortoise, DFW Texas

    Hello, I am new to the Forum and to tortoises. I have kept other reptiles. I have kept and bred Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos and Ball pythons. I have sold everything but my 4 Gargoyle Geckos. I fell in love with a little Hermann's Tortoise at the NRABC ( North American Reptile Breeders...
  5. BluRose


    Hey everyone!! I am from Ontario, Canada. Just got my first Tortoise on Jan 3. He (breeder suspects male but he's got a 50/50 chance lol) was born Nov 14 and is a Hermann's. We had the hardest time figuring out a name lol. Each of my kids had a name and hubby who said no to said Tortoise had...
  6. S

    Eastern Hermann’s eating more hay

    My Eastern Hermann’s tortoise is about a year old and has recently started eating Timothy hay. I’ve always left a bunch of it in his enclosure, and until about a month ago, he basically ignored it. But he’s suddenly developed a taste for it and now will eat it just as readily as his daily spring...
  7. KieranMcKeown

    Alaska update

    Hey all! Just thought I'd give you all an update on my little Alaska since you all gave me some great advice. So I bought her a new, higher watt bulb and it worked magic! Within the first 5 mins of turning it on Alaska opened her eyes by herself and started walking around and eating some food...
  8. tortoisekev

    May I introduce... Kevin (comments and questions welcome!)

    For the last 2 years I have wanted and researched getting a tortoise, and finally the week has arrived! We will collect Kevin this week and I'll introduce him properly then... for now here's some questions, info and pictures! Kevin is a 2.5 year old Hermann's Tortoise, bred in the UK by a local...
  9. Shadowhunter

    Hermanns tortoise in south florida

    hey guys for the past couple month I have been looking for a pair of Hermanns tortoises but I can’t seem to find them anywhere if anyone can help me it will be greatly apreciated(I have 4 Sulcatas so I’m fairly experienced with tortoises and I have been watching hundreds of care videos on Hermanns )
  10. M

    My 2 year old Eastern Hermann's size

    (S)he is 42g and has a straight carapace length of approx. 57mm which seems to fit pretty decently on the Jacksons ratio chart, maybe he's a little underweight but its only a guideline anyway. More pressingly however, for his age (2 years, 0 months) isn't he quite small? I feed his shell area...