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Eastern Hermann’s eating more hay

Discussion in 'Tortoise Diet and Food' started by Sggatsmit, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. Sggatsmit

    Sggatsmit New Member

    May 26, 2018
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    My Eastern Hermann’s tortoise is about a year old and has recently started eating Timothy hay. I’ve always left a bunch of it in his enclosure, and until about a month ago, he basically ignored it. But he’s suddenly developed a taste for it and now will eat it just as readily as his daily spring mix/weeds that I’ve always given him.

    My question is, now that he is eating the hay, is it okay for me to cut back on his daily greens? And if so, how much should/can I cut back? I’ve heard of people who feed some adult tortoises (usually sulcatas) a diet almost exclusively of hay, but i assume that’s not appropriate for an indoor, young Hermann’s. But I do like the thought of cutting back on greens if appropriate. Also, if I do cut back on greens, what’s the best way to get calcium in the diet? I currently use a powder form that sticks nicely to the moist greens, but I’d imagine would be much less effective on a dry bunch of hay.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JoesMum

    JoesMum Well-Known Member 5 Year Member

    Oct 26, 2011
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    Kent, South East England
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    Hermann's aren't really grass or hay eaters unlike Sulcatas.

    Their diet should be a variety of weedy and leafy greens. I can't see why you would want to cut back on weeds and greens.
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