1. AJPotato

    Leopard Tort Weight

    First off, thank you to everyone who posts on here... as a new tort owner this forum has answered a lot of questions and eased a lot of worries :D But this is my first actual post as I need specific advice lol. Just over a month ago I got my 9 month old Leopard tortoise, Butters, weighing in at...
  2. B

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! So...my question to you guys is...
  3. Cornfieldwerewolves

    Assorted ponderings

    Some questions and current products. I'm currently researching what sort of amendments I can make to encourage my hatchling Leo to eat the Mazuri pellets and the soft Fluker's diet. I soak the dry Mazuri pellets briefly, but not so long as to cause them to lose their shape. I sprinkle them into...
  4. Maggy

    Feeding sprouts?

    I have a hermanns tortoise and am trying to learn how to grow him food. I figured the easiest way is sprouts. Trust me I have tried many things and I really just don't have a green thumb and kill almost everything. I am wondering if sprouts of any kind would be ok to feed him? Such as alfalfa...
  5. N

    Feeding trough?

    I have a very old (80-90 yr) CA desert tortoise and he has just woken up from hibernation this spring. He is eating well but seems to be having more difficulty than usual. He can eat grass fine but when it comes to his daily salad he has more trouble. We used to feed him in a pie-pan shaped...
  6. D

    Only wants Meal worms

    I have a box turtle who I’m trying to ensure has a varied diet. Mama (his name) used to eat earth worms and sometimes meal worms. I’ve since expanded his diet to tobacco hornworms (only occasionally) and crickets. But now Mama only wants meal worms and sometimes crickets. He’s about 2 years old...
  7. SienaSunshine

    Russian Tortoise Feeding Frequency?

    My Russian Tortoise, Sunshine, was malnourished when I got her (I found her abandoned on hiking trails). As such I've been trying to feed her a lot to get her weight up. Now that she seems to be a healthier weight, I was wondering how frequently and how much I should be feeding her? I've read...
  8. H

    Tortoise suddenly won’t eat

    Tortellini (Eastern Hermann) is about 4-6 months old and is 76g. I keep him in a vivarium because it is terribly dry in the winter (like my own body is cracking because it’s so dry). It’s around 70%~80% at all times. Cool zone 28c, hot zone 33c, central 30c. He had sun soak time until early...
  9. K

    Horsefield tortoise wont stop eating!

    Hi Everyone I hope you are all well. I have a baby horsefield tortoise (9 months old), I got him around 3 months ago and he has settled in well. Im a little bit concerned that he eats so much though - im sure I read on here that you can overfees tortoises, and im concerned that I might be! He...
  10. 98AC4ED2-AC5B-490B-AEA2-59365AD605AE.jpeg


    Grumpy kid🥰
  11. A


    Can anyone offer any advice as to why our tortoises beak is developing this way and if this is something we should be concerned about?
  12. lionheartHC

    How often do I feed my Sulcata hatchling?

    I now have my enclosure finished! Ambient temps sticking around 85F and humidity is always between 70% and 80%. Side note, he has a humid hide that stays at 100% humidity. Should I shoot for a constant 80% in the entire enclosure at all times or will 70% suffice? My question is how often should...
  13. S

    Is this poo healthy?

    I'm a bit concerned that my tort has unhealthy poo. I feed it fresh greens everyday, dandelions, lemon balm, red sorrel and green sorrel, and callisia repens. I also have some ZooMed grassland tortoise food, and komodo tortoise diet, but I try to only feed dried food about once a week. I'm...
  14. Aequor

    Help with feeding

    I have recently got a small leopard tortoise, she is I think about 6 months-1 year old based on her size. It's been five days since she was purchased, but she hasn't eaten, we gave her types of organic greens. She's only been drinking, which made her go from 157 to 173 grams as of today. I was...
  15. C

    How much to feed leopard tortoise

    Hello, kinda new to the whole tortoise thing! Cedric my leopard tortoise is 2.5 years old, at the moment we feed him around a large handful of food every morning. He use to slowly eat this throughout the day, sometimes having bits left. Recently he has been eating this amount within hours of it...
  16. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is this Thistle? OK for my Russian tort?

  17. 2turtletom

    Tortoise Enrichment

    I developed a way for my captive tortoises to stretch a little bit in order to eat their food. Have you done something similar? I figure it gives them exercise and helps them use more muscles than just eating from a plate of chopped food. I'll probably do this about twice a week.
  18. R

    New decor and she loves it!

    Hey all, long time reader first time poster here. I just recently got this cholla wood from Petsmart and my Russian April loves it! It's the best thing I've found for foraging. She just goes climbs right up and eats a lot faster (for a tortoise) than usual!
  19. Tortoise tornado

    Feeding tortoise

    Is there a time of the day I should feed my tortoise? Or does it not really matter?
  20. D

    Weather & Food before hibernation

    Hello All. I have had a Ca. Desert Tortoise since 1991. Over the last few years when he should be going to hibernation the weather has been so warm that he keeps getting up. I worry that maybe I should continue to feed regular but haven't. He has grass to eat but I don't know if he is. Any...