What make of UV bulb would you recommend?


Dec 29, 2013
Hi all I'm getting a different tortoise table which doesn't have the fitting for a fluorescent UV tube like my old enclosure so I was wondering which make of bulb would you all recommend? I know coil bulbs are a no no but I'm stuck on which make is best and would hate to choose wrong on such an important element! Which do you all use? Also I'm looking at the fixture that will house the bulb. Currently looking at the below one, would this be O.K for a UV bulb?
Thank you
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How big of an enclosure?
What species?
Age and size?

If you plan to use that type of fixture, and you ruled out the coil type bulbs (wisely in my opinion), then you are left with Mercury Vapor Bulbs. I like the Powersuns too.

Is there some reason you can't put in a florescent fixture?

If you use that fixture, make sure you hang it from over head. Do not trust the clamp that it comes with and you can't mount a MVB at an angle anyway. It must point straight down. Adjust the height of the fixture to get the right basking temp under it.