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Feb 25, 2019
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Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope that it would potentially solve my problem or at least decrease my paranoia.
So recently I purchased a baby sulcata from an 'experience' breeder. When I first got it it was a typical baby sulcata, energetic, eats a lot and yeah. After a month it started to move less and it had less of an appetite. Right now the dilemma is that there is a tiny nudge right above its eye and it seems that the sides of its cheeks were starting to crack and it seemed that it kept on scratching it. My fear is that it might be mold or some kind of fungi that are growing as it was what the breeder said when I send him a picture. He recommended me an ointment called gentamicin or it could potentially die said the breeder. Please help me out to make sure that it would be fine.

It lives a comfortable life in a 105cm x 70cm enclosure with a moist and dry hide with optimal temperatures and humidity + a heat mat and a basking lamp. I've done everything in my abilty to make sure it survives and hopefully I can get help and advice from you guys.


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Jan 1, 2016
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I can already say from your picture, he is not in optimal conditions. What are your temps, enclosure, substrate, lights.? What are you feeding him? What is the humidity, are you soaking him? Where did you get him? Please post pictures and we can help you make sure he is in optimal conditions. Not all breeders do things the right way. A lot of them go by old outdated information, some of which can harm your tortoise. We have a Sulcata section. Please go there and read the care sheets. Come back with questions. In the mean time, I can not see anything on your torts face, maybe some better pictures.