sulcata baby

  1. D

    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
  2. M

    Black spot on undershell

    I got my young sul tortoise. He/she seems to have these sort of black spot/ scab type thing on the undershell. It's slightly softer than the rest of the shell so I am slightly concerned. I can't find any info on it. It seems to be doing well so far. has good energy eats pretty well, rest of the...
  3. Lafresa

    New sulcata with strange bubble

    Hello, I was given a tortoise recently. On the second day I saw a strange bubble on it neck. That appears and disappears. What could it be? Heating and feeding rules are followed as far as possible in a temporary enclosed cage.
  4. ashleymiller28

    Proper lighting for youngSulcata Tortoise tank?

    Hello! I recently just read somewhere that mercury vapor bulbs are too strong/bright/dry for young sulcata tortoises. What is a better option that will still keep temperatures hot enough?
  5. Torta21

    (New Owner) Help, is this set up good for my baby Sulcata baby!

    His enclosure is fry wood and the dimensions are 38inch (L) x 24inch (W). His temperature is always around 80+ and his humidity in his closed chamber is usually around 70-80%, I use coconut coir mixed with Orchard bark. I live in SoCal, around the inland empire valley so it’s usually not lower...
  6. L

    This is my Allie! i've had her for 7 months now, with a photo from when i first got her, and her today!

    (these were mostly taken for size comparison between each times :b i'm actually a bit concerned for her and i think she might be growing too slowly. A little help please? she eats grass, hibiscus, and some tortoise food given to me by the store owner. She's only really attracted by the scent of...
  7. LittleIdDude

    Sulcata hatchling is sluggish

    Hi everyone! New tortoise mom here. I purchased a sulcata hatchling in November from a reptile show, and his name is Id (we have a 13 year old burmese python named Ego - no stranger to large pets.) I wish I could report that the little guy is doing great, but he's not. I've been lurking on the...
  8. Gando_Salo

    Newbie Sulcata Family

    Hello all. I'm Gando Salo.. Awesome forum and I am looking forward to your responses and help. I live in Dubai and have 4 baby Sulcata Tortoises. They are very young and weigh just under 50 grams each. They were bought from a local breeder but after reading about 50 threads here and @Tom 's...
  9. ToryTort

    Is this early signs of pyramiding ?

    When I purchased him/her I was provided a tortoise table along with a load of bad advice. I quickly found out all the information was wrong. I contacted the breeder and asked him how he raised his hatchlings. He said in an open top table with D3 lighting “he seemed to think D3 bulbs are the holy...
  10. Hendrixthetort

    Sulcata tortoise changing up his routine..

    Hi all, I have a 3 mo old sulcata and we live in NorCal. I have a few concerns and was wondering of I could get yalls opinion. I will copy/paste the info I have to someone else. Yea we have had him about 9 weeks and the last 5 weeks or so weve gotten into a routine where I wake up and turn his...
  11. Oogway's Mom


    Hello! My name is Kaytee, I have a baby sulcata named Oogway. His ‘birthday’ was on May 18th, so he’s a little over a year old. We just moved from Connecticut to North Carolina, so if there’s any other tortoise owners in the Raleigh/Durham area, we would love to meet up or chat! This website...
  12. Tory1871

    Is My Sulcata Set Up Adequate?

    Hello I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise a few months ago, he’s around 9 months old now. I have him in a tortoise table made from a book case, I used the hide from his original table that I purchased him with as it seemed small to keep him in. He is 3.5 inches long his enclosure is 2ft by 1ft. I...
  13. Aurum0

    My Sulcata Pees When Held

    Hi there. My young sulcata releases a white liquid when I move him. I read that this is a defense mechanism in the wild. I hate when this happens though. How can I stop it from happening?
  14. ToryTort

    Help with my Sulcata Tortoise

    Hi all I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise from what I thought was a responsible breeder, When purchased he provided me a small tort table with a bad fluorescent bulb. I had done a lot of research before hand and read that it was ok to spray the terrain etc to keep the humidity up. After doing a...
  15. Liza_1270

    Is my Sulcata baby too fat?

    Hi, i got this sulcata for cheap from an auction, then i realized that it's plastron is bloating (at first, but it's not bloating right now), and it can't retract the hind legs fully inside the shell... It's eating well and moving around just fine... So is it just fat? Or it's sick? Oh, i...
  16. D

    I’m in love

    Hi everyone! My name is Daisy, and I’m a new owner of a sulcata tortoise. I began taking care of two little sulcata torts a couple months ago, after my mom impulse bought them. In the beginning I was pretty reluctant to keep them, as I was never into tortoises. And due to my lack of research...
  17. Cheeto

    First time depressed sulcata tortoise owner

    Hello, I’m simply going by Cheeto on here, I’m from California and just last year my father surprised my family with a baby sulcata tortoise, we named him tortilla. Just recently a couple days ago tortilla passed. I’m so sad so incredibly sad, it’s a pain I’ve never felt I’ve never had a pet...
  18. Kingsley7

    Abscess on Baby Sulcata?

    Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with quite an anomaly for the past few months with my 7 month old HET for ivory sulcata. I purchased him from Randy at tort Stork in December and noticed in late January a slight bump under his right eye on his cheek. We concluded it was probably an irritation or...
  19. smjohns

    Hello from AZ!!

    Hello everyone! I live in southwest Arizona and I’m here to learn lots about my Sulacata tortoise. Her name is Peaches and I’ve had her for about 8 months and she’s almost 2 years old. She’s a sweetheart and she has grown so much since I’ve gotten her. She also eats like a beast. I will be...
  20. yusufning


    Hi, I have a sulcata. When it first came it has a small bump or growth that is red/pinkish in color. Now the bump have turned into dark brown. I attached a picture for reference. What is it? and what should i treat it with?