Thanks to y'all, my little Cholla remains a contented and healthy little Chelonian.


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Oct 25, 2020
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Fillmore, California
Thanks to you all, my little Cholla remains a contented and healthy little Chelonian. Her sweet and personable little ways continue to give me and my family so much delight.

I shudder to think how little I knew about how to provide her with the environment or even the food she needs, and how unhappy and perhaps ill--or worse--she might have become had I not happened upon this forum and received so much wise advice from experienced and caring tortoise keepers.

I'm a quasi-technophobe and have forgotten how to transfer photos from my husband's iphone to a thread on my laptop, but I'll search my old threads and refer to the instructions given me several months ago by one of the patient and good-humored members. I'll attach photos then. I'm so proud of Cholla's beauty, and continue to be amazed at how bonded and even affectionate she appears to be.

For example, she has become accustomed to having her breakfast on the outdoor patio table with my husband and me in the morning. Some day she'll be way to big for that, but for now (weighing 341 grams, measuring 5" by 6") it still works. She gets her dish of breakfast salad and starts chomping away--but then, no-kidding, most of the time if my husband or I get up for a moment to get something, she notices, and stops eating until the human in questions returns to the table. When she's done eating she comes round (the table's round) for an under the chin rub. After that she goes into her habitat for the day. She's become proficient at burrowing a perfectly fitted burrow under her half-flower pot hide, and its interesting to see how she covers her shell and all her appendages with a thin layer of dust. When she has her daily bath, the shell in all its rich and glowing colors is seen again.

So . . . thanks and thanks and thanks again to y'all, and God bless!

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