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Jan 4, 2021
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Some questions occurred to me regarding your breeding project itself which may help you to determine how well the initial stage of your project will work and what it may tell you:

Has that nice female in your photo produced any live babies in the past or not? You have 5 eggs incubating now according to your post. Do you know if the eggs are fertile yet?

How long have you had the mother and the father of the potential babies (assuming here that you know the male that bred her since you are trying to get vibrant coloration in the babies). IE, are you sure the male in your project is the sire of the possible babies and the female wasn't exposed to any other males before you got her?

If the female has been exposed to other males, you may need to hatch out these first eggs and breed her to your colorful male the next time around, etc.

The female looks really good. Have you a photo of the presumed father we can see as well?
I am not sure if she has been exposed to a different male before I got her about 8months ago they told me that they did not have a male but can never be to sure I believe the eggs are Fertile and I have only kept her with that male and 2 other females the male had a ton of marbling as a juvenile and adult but he is older now about 15yo and most of it has faded and i take my male and put them together every other day and it seems to increase there sex drive here are some photos of the male I have bred him to really plain females and the babies has an average amount of marbling he has just gotten faded and older over the years I know the babies will turn out cool so I would like to hold some back that’s when I came up with this idea


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