Spring seed planting in Southern California!


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Oh my gosh we finally have had some real rain. In the hopes that we get more, I’ve thrown out various seeds. With any luck they’ll be ready to eat when Addy comes out of hibernation.

There is always some of Tyler’s seed mix (that bag is going to last forever!). The only thing that grew in last year’s drought were a couple of chia. :(

I’ve been saving a package of a California “foothill” flower mix, which contains many flowers I remember from growing up near the foothills. My absolute favorite is in there: goldfields. It’s a tiny sunflower that covers the ground like...well, gold! We had a few the year before last, when we had crazy rain. She didn’t care for it so this one is just for me!

I collected some regular weeds earlier this year: various thistles, bristly ox-tongue, filaree, and mallow. I can always count on thistles.

I’m not much of a gardener. I throw a ton of seeds out, dig a few into the ground with my foot, and hope that some will make it. Crossing my fingers!

Is anyone else putting out seed yet?

Look at these goldfields! How can you not love them?


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