[split] Wild caught or Captive bred?

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Tom said:
Note from mod Yvonne: One of our members wondered what tortoise to buy and the thread turned into a debate on wild caught or captive bred, so I've split off the debate into this thread.

I never understand this when the very same people who say this have tortoises that are direct defendants of wild caught ones, or wild caught themselves, thereby financially rewarding the people who are responsible for removing the from the wild in the first place.

All captive breeding populations have to be started from wild caught tortoises at some point, so everyone who owns a tortoise is equally responsible for that species being removed from the wild. There is nothing wrong with taking a small percentage of wild individuals to fill the need for captive breeders.

In the case of pancakes, removal from the wild and importation has been spotty for the last few years, so I hardly think they are being "depleted". Sure it can be over done, but I'd venture a guess that neither of us really know the state of wild pancakes right now.

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