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Apr 8, 2018
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Los Angeles
Can you guys post pics of your indoor enclosure, tortoise table, closed chamber enclosure? Really wanna see enclosures with windows or plexiglass window for viewing.

Gonna build a closed chamber tortoise table.... if that even exist lol. I want box around 3x5 feet. maybe 18 to 24 inch high. Wanna add plexiglass or maybe real glass Windows on all sides.

Thinking of putting front and side Windows on rails to slide open and top window on hinges to pull open. Bolt on a little chain to support window when open.

I lack carpentry skills so looking at your enclosures will help a lot. My build will go on top of a table like this... basically a wood box with Windows. I also wanna line the inside with plasti dip, the one that comes in a gallon.

I want a tortoise table, but my baby sulcata high humidity needs don't allow me, so I'll build this...

Screenshot_20180508-154554.jpg Screenshot_20180503-104648.jpg

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