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May 29, 2011
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I was just wondering in it was possible to buy a western pond turtle at a pet shop in southern California? I am not looking to buy one. i am trying to figure out what kind of turtle i had growing up. we got her 25 years ago. her name was Ralph-et. I just found out she passed away last week. i had her for 19 years.

before i moved to AZ, I rented a room from a man who had a 200 gallon tank set up for his one RES willson. Ralph-et seemed so happy in there with his turtle i couldnt pull her out and put her back in her 30 gallon tank to take her with me to AZ. so I asked him to keep her for me and sent him money every month for food.

We never knew what kind of turtle she was. my dad got her for me when i was 5. i remember picking her out. i picked her because she was missing a toe and had a chip in her shell. i thought the other turtles were being mean to her. she was in a tank with a bunch of water turtles that looked very different from her. we bought her for 15.00. she had a muddy brown shell with a yellowish brown head she had no stripes but some dark speckles here and there.

she never got more then a inch bigger then she was when i got her so i think she was full grown. i dont know how old she was but we think she might have died from old age. i never made it back to see her after i moved away. :(

I never even found out what kind of turtle she was :(
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