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Feb 26, 2021
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Russians are the biggest bully there is. There is very little food where they are from and the weather is extreme so they have to get all their eating and baby making done in a very short time; they don’t spend much time outside of the burrow. This makes them more aggressive than most. All tortoises will bully each other; in the wild they only see each other long enough to mate, or fight for a mate, but Russians are extreme. Tortoises are not social animals. My Russian isn’t fearful around me anymore but she sure doesn’t care about me one way or the other.

You wouldn’t want two types anyway unless you have plenty of space to house them apart.

Tortoises don’t hiss but they do make a hissing sound when they are startled and pull their head and legs in very fast to protect themselves. At your size you are a predator to them. If that’s the kind of hissing that’s happening they aren’t mad at you; they are trying to stay alive. It’s not you personally.
I like Russians even more now, they have quite the personality. Comparing them to Greeks, they are definitely more aggressive. I noticed that my female tortoise is very well behaved, but the male is a little bit aggressive and he is trying to claim the whole garden for himself.

I will try to approach them more carefully from now on. Its probably my fault for approaching them suddenly.
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