Pet stores, Zoos, and other Tortoise related places

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Aug 25, 2012
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San Diego, CA
Anyone here like me love going to certain pet stores, zoos, and other tortoise related places just so they can see torts? I occasionally visit Pet Kingdom here in San Diego just so I can see their different tortoises. Even though I dislike the husbandry and enclosure methods of pet stores, I like seeing whet they got. Right now they have Radiateds, Indian Stars, Hermans, Leos, boxies, and a bunch of different sizes of Sulcatas. I like interacting with customers who are planning on buying their first torts. Ill throw in a couple TFO advice for them while they are there :D Also in the Zoo here in SD we have galapagos and my friend just recently got a surprise from his girlfriend and she got him a VIP pass to feed and interact with the galapagos. Hope one day I get to do that :D Well Im just curious to know what are the places in your local area that have torts and you like visiting. Share your experiences!!!

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