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Krista S

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Aug 4, 2019
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I have an Eastern Hermann’s tortoise who is 1 year and 9 months old. He weighs around 370 grams and is just short of 5 inches in length. Yesterday he was doing a weird movement with his back end that I hadn’t seen before. I thought maybe he was trying to poop or something. I lifted him up and he had something hanging out of his tail. I think it is his penis? least that’s what I’m hoping it is. Now today when I picked him up (which i was doing in order to try and get some pics) the tip of it keeps coming in and out again. Can anyone tell me if this is his penis or possibly something else that I should be getting checked out by a vet? I’ve read that these appearances from males don’t come until they’re older, so that’s why I’m looking for some guidance. For the record, I’ve just always referred to him as male, even though I didn’t know what his gender was. Outside of this he seems perfectly fine and healthy. He stays hydrated by drinking from his dish now and then and I also soak him every single day for around 30 minutes. He eats like a beast and poops everyday, sometimes twice. I know the pics aren’t the greatest. I tried to get as clear of a shot as I could without completely annoying him. 83F957ED-F79A-4762-8546-C57F7E521813.jpeg 4426B115-F357-46DC-872A-E1943ADB6396.jpeg 581F6A27-C5C5-4485-9145-08500F2CBE1F.jpeg