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8DAB02B3-DE9B-4334-9F3B-6D9EF9B87AFB.jpeg 16F94222-262B-4952-96BB-BEAA51BB6BCC.jpeg Hello
I have received my new red foot grow out enclosure. However I have a couple questions.
The dimensions are 80Lx20Hx20W
The enclosure is made out of birch plywood
and the front is made out a single piece of red oak with a hand cut opening for the glass. The interior is drylok extreme (waterproof textured paint) with 4 vents that have a removable plate in the back. My question is, it currently only has 2 ceramic fixtures for heating one in the middle and one on the left side. I asked for 3 fixtures for ambient heating but only got two fixtures my cage makers reason was to have a cool spot and warm spot. Should I leave it the way it is or add another ceramic fixture to the “cool side” for a better ambient temperature?


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I doubt you can even achieve "cool side/warm side" in a closed chamber. I'm pretty sure you'll have the same temperature all over the whole enclosure. Which is fine for RF tortoise. I wouldn't mess with it until you have it all set up and test the temp


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I agree with Yvonne if it's closed and you run them on a thermostat, you should have the same temp pretty much thru out the enclosure.


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With 80" long, I certainly think you can get a temperature differential ... I managed it with 48" using thermostats and a basking bulb and got both end to end and day/night differentials.



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Yeah, wait until you get it up and running to see if it's really needed. It's not a problem until it's a problem...

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