Mercury Vaport bulb or tube type florescent bulb??


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Jan 17, 2012
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This is a fixture you can get a home depot for about $11. It's what @Tom refers to using. You will need that for a MVB bulb.
Below that is the PowerSun MVB bulb. I would not recommend more that 100 watts for you.

Remember these are probably the strongest UV producing bulbs outside of the newer metal halides and they will heat your enclosure too. Some believe they give too much light for a redfoot, so provide shade options. According to actual bench tests for a 100 watt PowerSun, you should have this light at least 18" above the shell height of the tortoise. At that level a 100 PowerSun give a UVI index reading of 2. At 26" it still gives a UV index reading of 1. Most zoos and people who have studied it feel a forest dwelling redfoot needs a UV index of 2 at the very highest in the enclosure right under the bulb with a gradient to under 1 in areas he can choose to bask in. Is your enclosure large enough to allow him to get 30" or so away from the light?

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