Mahé & Moyenne, my tortoises from the Seychelles


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Aug 10, 2020
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I wish I joined this forum sooner and got to meet Sabine as well. She seemed like a beautiful soul. This is the paradise they live in now. I assume the smaller torts are Ma and Mo, they are obviously doing great.
@Tidgy's Dad please, if you can get in touch with this man, share some more pics or a short video of the enclosure he has it looks incredible. I would like to learn from this man, hopefully one day I can provide such a paradise for my torts. IMG_20201003_220257_240.jpg

Cathie G

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Aug 9, 2018
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Thank you for sharing this picture and the hope it inspires. If I'm a good mom and his good health permitting, my little guy will outlive me. Knowing just a little about Sabine, she already had that place in mind for them.🤗❤️


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Oct 12, 2018
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Hello friends,

for me a dream came true and I got my two aldabra tortoise babies yesterday. They have made the long journey from the Seychelles to Germany where I live.
I am ready for giving them a good life and all what they need as long as I live and after my death too.
I would be glad when you, dear reader, are interested to accompany my torts ( and me ) on their way of growing and thriving.

I think I don`t have to explain their names. In loving memory where they come from I named them Mahé and Moyenne.

They are only one day in their new home and I can already say that they are different in their behavior.
Mahé is the smaller one with the red color spot on the carapax.
Moyenne is a little bit bigger with the yellow color spot on the carapax.
Both seem to be very healthy and having a hard shell. They began to eat a few hours after their arrival yesterday and are eating well today too.
But now it is time to share brandnew pics of "brandnew" tort babies.
Enjoy !


Mahé on the day of arrival. "Waving" into the camera. "Hello, I am here !"
View attachment 250790

Moyenne on the day of arrival: "I don`t want to see someone! Let me alone."
View attachment 250791
First soak: Very exciting for little tortoises !
View attachment 250792

Moyenne soaking himself in the water dish, Mahé in the background.

View attachment 250793

and after the "exhausting" soaks, eating together:

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View attachment 250795

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How fascinating!!!
Oohhhh!!!! How I wish you well!
They are just ADORABLE!!!!
I want to give them both a raspberry on their bellies! 🥰🤣😊
Have fun with them NOW; for one day they will be .....uh....uhg.....bigger! 🥴
So happy to see this!
Best wishes for a happy life with your new family!!!