Living in an appartment and getting outdoor time?


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Jun 22, 2015
Hello guys,

I'll be moving to an appartment next week to live on my own. Ofcourse, I'll be taking my Russian tortoise with me. As I won't have a big garden, which my parents' house do have, I was wondering how my tortoise is gonna catch outdoor time and natural sun light. Neither does my appartment have a balcony, so getting those sun rays is gonna be a challenge.
As weather is getting better my tortoise is already doing his best to get out his current enclosure. He'll get a bigger enclosure when I move to my appartment, but that won't cope with the benefits of roaming in a big garden.

So appartment peoples, can you share you experience and tips? Probably I will visit my parents in the weekend and take my tortoise with me when the weather is good (will have to buy a car by then). That is the only solution I can find at the moment.

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Sep 6, 2011
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Find out if the apartment grounds are treated. If not then get a puppy wired play pen fencing and take it and your tort outside when you can.
If its treated, then ask around about a nearby public park and do the same.
Otherwise, it looks like trips to your parents will do.
Btw, congratulations on getting out on your own.