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Aug 25, 2019
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Western Canada
It's for a large, closed, indoor high humidity cage for my baby leopard and I want to insulate all walls and ceiling to lower electricity costs. I will have a frame later this month but no walls or floor for a little bit because I want to find out how and what materials would be best for insulating. I know there's other posts similar to this. I do plan on using a safe pond liner for the bottom and something (perhaps wood) will be below that, and an insulation material on the outside or between those 2-please provide suggestions.

Ideas so far:
-Use those large aluminum foil linings all around the interior of the cage (first link below)? I kind of don't want to do this since it would look ugly and maybe my tort might be able to scratch it (the inside temp would be regulated with a thermostat).
-OR, can I put that alum stuff on the outside of the walls or would that be useless since it's not in direct contact with the heat?
-if not, then perhaps those rigid foam boards on the outside of my cage instead? I cant imagine putting those on the inside since my tort would scratch it all up, except for putting it on the interior ceiling.

These are what I found so far that I might use:

Now aside from the insulation material, if I don't want to use wood or pvc for the actual walls and ceiling, what could I use?
Would corrugated plastic be too thin and get scratched easily?
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